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Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Can't beat the sincerity and ending on this one. Miles Jacoby is a sadly overlooked gem in the PI tradition. I think that Amazon is releasing some of this publishing houses books and one of my favorite authors is Robert J Randisi who is a featured author from this publisher.

Subway Worker Beaten To A Pulp Because Toilet Was Out Of Order

Exciting reading fast paced great buy. Old book with new title. Randisi's previous book entitled The Steinway Collection with a different title. I ordered this book because I had enjoyed The Steinway Collection. I find it unconscionable to be selling an older work under a new name. I certainly will not be purchasing any other books from Mr. You can walk out of your home without being made to pay for it. Serious, such a thing happen because there is no effective law against it.

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Child right Bill had been in that chamber for years with no hope of it being passed. I just wonder if it take such a long time for that bill, the divorce law will take twice as much before seeing the light of the day. We don't have law here, what we have is lawn!

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The Wife beat the husband to a puls, so what did she do with the paste? Then the beaten will remain beaten till they are killed.

Beaten to a pulp July 19, 2017

Like I said--I cannot imagine why anyone will up with a "beast" for a husband or wife--still sleep together and have children. I just can't understand it. Domestic abuse should be made a felony and purnishable by long prison sentences--that should make divorce much easier to accomplish. Domestic violence constitute psychological and social criminal offenses, and should be treated wirh severityso violent people socio-psycopaths are separated and locked up together to be able to exercise their rights to kill eachother. I would like front row tickets to watch those types of prize fights.

No one will miss them really! Yesterday my friend received a stern death threat. That if he should continue with his plans, he will be killed with immediate effect. Presently he is complaining of stomach ache and still the live together and he eats her food. Hi nairalanders A friend of mine was beaten to a pulp by his wife for giving his ex.

Presently he is complaining of stomach ache and still they live together and he eats her food huh?

Beaten To A Pulp

Society does not tend to believe that women are capable of beating their husbands. And such men are usually laughed at. That's why we don't get to hear such stories. My friend sold his business in Nigeria to join his wofe in the U.

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  5. beat (someone) to a pulp?
  6. K Nigerian woman as well. This woman would beat him on weekly basis.

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    Ofcourse she had the british passport and my friend was a dependant on the passport. What could he do? Report her to the cops? Or beat her back and get sent to prison the law here favours women. He would just kneel and take all the beatings and insults. Last week he moved out of the house for good-after getting his british passport.

    Driver on phone crushes security guard to death

    Now the game has changed and the wife has come back begging for forgiveness. The condition for moving back with her-If you slap me now I will slap you back! They are still separated! My friend sold his business in Nigeria to join his wofe in the UK Nigerian woman as well.

    I actually had a neihgbor when i was younger who use to beat her husband blue black. The barbed wire seperating us was torn so the guy would run and cross over to our house. So one day she really beat him and he ran to our house so she chased him and tried to catch him before he enterd our house, the guy managed to run into our house, she was shouthing across the fence in hausa " ku miko min shi nan" Translation " pass him over to me" the man was answering from our house " Ba za a miko ni din ba, in ba ki da kunya ki na che wa su ma ba su da kunya ney" Translation " they will not pass me to you, do you think everyone is as shameless as you are".

    Anyway his sisters had to come and do the job for him before the beating stopped. The commercial bus was subsequently taken to the nearest yard of the agency at Iponri for booking. They injured our personnel and damaged vehicles in the yard. Hassan said two of the hoodlums had been arrested and would be arraigned in court. Bashir Braimah, according to the statement, said no amount of violence would make the agency to shy away from its statutory responsibility. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

    Samson Folarin There was pandemonium on Wednesday at the Costain area of Lagos State as an official of the Lagos State Management Authority and a bus driver were reportedly beaten to a pulp. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: