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The Structure Goose and its Golden Eggs

You know the story. A poor man and his wife are gifted with a goose that lays a golden egg every day. Rather than enjoy this daily bounty and its certainty, the couple kills the goose, hoping to extract a great lump of gold from her stomach that will make them instantly rich. They find nothing but an ordinary, empty goose and literally kill their opportunity for an effortless, ongoing stream of income. While the analogy is imperfect, there is some wisdom to be gleaned from this fable for anyone who is thinking about settling a claim.

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Before agreeing to a one-time lump sum of money, it might be wise to pause to consider the value of a lifelong income stream. Before you agree to a one-time, lump-sum settlement, think about valuing the power of lifelong, financial security and other benefits that structures can provide.

The Structure Goose and its Golden Eggs. March 27, Advantages of Structures.

The Goose with the Golden Eggs – Moral of Fable Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Fund a lifetime of treatments, payments and income. According to studies and scholarly articles, lump sums meant to last a lifetime are frequently exhausted only a few years after being received.

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A good Woman had a Hen that laid her every day an Egg. His comment on this is that 'we should set Bounds to our Desires, and content our selves when we are well, for fear of losing what we had. An Eastern analogue is found in the Suvannahamsa Jataka , [8] which appears in the fourth section of the Buddhist book of monastic discipline Vinaya. In this the father of a poor family is reborn as a swan with golden feathers and invites them to pluck and sell a single feather from his wings to support themselves, returning occasionally to allow them another.

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The greedy mother of the family eventually plucks all the feathers at once, but they then turn to ordinary feathers; when the swan recovers its feathers they too are no longer gold. The moral drawn there is:. North of India, in the formerly Persian territory of Sogdiana , it was the Greek version of the story that was known. Among the 8th-century murals in Panjakent , in the western Sugdh province of Tajikistan , there is a panel from room 1, sector 21, representing a series of scenes moving from right to left where it is possible to recognize the same person first in the act of checking a golden egg and later killing the animal in order to get more eggs, only to understand the stupidity of his idea at the very end of the sequence.

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

A local version of the story still persists in the area but ends differently with the main character eventually becoming a king. In the Mahabharata a story is recounted of wild birds that spit gold, and were discovered by a man who soon strangled them "out of greed".

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Yassen Vodenitcharov has created a chamber opera from the story The majority of illustrations of "The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs" picture the farmer despairing after discovering that he has killed the goose to no purpose. It was also one of several fables applied to political issues by the American illustrator Thomas Nast. Captioned Always killing the goose that lays the golden eggs , it appeared in Harpers Weekly for March 16, The farmer stands for the politically driven union members whose wife and children sorrow in the background.

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