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And yeah, Girl A has some serious baggage with what her dad almost did to her. That would be conflict. In fact his entire existence has just been for the sole purpose of keeping her nightmares away. He snuggles in bed with her every night to keep the nightmares away. He plays it cool. And her brother exists to serve Girl A and many of the friends she has also exist to tell Girl A how awesome she is. And she gets to cuddle with the hot neighbor anytime she wants and as soon as she decides she wants more with Lover Boy, she gets it. Honestly, when I first started writing, I made a similar mistake in making my characters super awesome and the best people in the whole world.

They got to be the hottest, smartest and best athletes in the high school AND they got to be nice and above caring about said hotness. If you are writing for yourself, for the purpose of having a creative outlet and doing what you want with a story then I think you should totally give your characters everything. Is it as fun to write those struggles? Again, this is NOT a content issue. After years of lying on her floor, how powerful will that moment be when he finally does climb into her bed?

And again, think how powerful that scene will be where Girl A finally finds someone she trusts enough to let them touch her. And just as a side note, I think I would have liked it better if she climbed into his window rather than the other way around. Calls him a man-slut and never thanks him for giving her rides places and helping her through her nightmares.

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View all 40 comments. May 01, Beatrix rated it did not like it Shelves: One of the worst books I've read! A list of some of the reasons why I, not disliked, not hated, but despised this trash of a novel: Between this and Taher Shah's musical monstrosity that wreaked havoc across my country, I never want to hear the word 'angel' again. Is this a school or a fucking playboy mansion? Oh AND I could've just filed a case against my dad for attempted rape all this time but I won't because then where would the plot in this thinly-veiled, shoddily written smutfest be? Dickhead with good intentions!

I could go on forever. But if I type any further, I may just suffer an aneurysm, so I'm gonna go tear my eyes out instead. View all 16 comments. Some books are meant to teach us lesson. Some, to give us information. Others, to provide entertainment. It might provide entertainment for those who seek for this kind of story.

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But to me it's a big no no. This was a horrible and infuriating read. Kind of insulting to the female and male population who were looked up to be slut and man-whore by Some books are meant to teach us lesson. Kind of insulting to the female and male population who were looked up to be slut and man-whore by the author. Clearly Kirsten haven't encountered a lot of teenagers. Or she might have. And unfortunately, she met the worsts. This novel is a Wattpad sensation. Written by one of the most popular authors in the said site. I guess she should just stay in there.

Because her work, particularly this one, is an example of non-sense. The theme of the book? Urg, I don't know if there's any. Let's start with the main protagonist, Amber. She's annoying, stupid, slut, immature, unreal, stereotype. I could mention everything that will make one character a target for despise. But there's too many. And I know yo9u get my point. Not to mention, she's a fucking Mary Sue. And it made me hate her so much! There were moments when she would describe herself as if she's perfect.

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

Not too often would she remind us of her figure. What happened to the show-not-tell rule? Because in here, instead of showing us and letting us picture her, she would practically plant into our mind that she's fucking sexy! How would you feel when someone walks up to you and say "Can't you see how gorgeous I am? I abhor her to the bottom of my hypothalamus. While having a protective brother is sweet, and having a boyfriend who's probably the hottest guy in school seems so cool, you put it in this book and it's unrealistic. To be honest, everything and everyone in this book is superbly unrealistic.

This kind of novel doesn't need researching unlike the others, such as science fiction or fantasy, but I think the author of this needs one. Because last time I checked not all high school girls and boys are whore and man-whore. There's also this author's habit of starting almost every chapter with Amber waking up next to Liam, telling us how his boner poked her in various body parts.

As in practically every chapter. And it got annoying. I'm tired of giving a crap to this book. But you just have to be reminded how bad this is. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the fact that I didn't even finish it. I just couldn't get myself into continuing it. And I'm the one who always finishes a story. I don't get it why there are people who even liked it. But if I were you, I wouldn't waste my time on this one. View all 12 comments.

Feb 28, Serena.. Le sorprese della vita! Ho letto volontariamente il libro e non ero sotto effetto di droghe. Partiamo dagli elementi di facile sfregio: Una scintilla di interesse magari.. Vi si infila pure nel letto.. Con le persone che abitano questo mondo.. Come dicevo, questi sono elementi di facile sfregio.. Ho fatto tutti i compitini sottolineando sul kindle come se non ci fosse un domani e tenendo vicino al letto il taccuino.. Qui non si fanno prigionieri, tutti alla gogna! Le comiche, dopo ci torno! We, ragazzi non scherziamo! Qui regna il nonsense, mica no!

Ma la cosa, ci dicono dalla regia, non sembra traumatizzare Amber. Inizialmente pensavo fossero morti.. Solo il fato lo sa! La storia prosegue tra colpi di scena incredibili e svolte rocambolesche.. Se ci avete creduto, faccia di velluto. Vi ricordate la mia recensione? Lo dice circa volte e non si stanca mai di ricordarcelo grazie, eh…: Oddio, me la stavo per fare sotto!! Fino alla mattina Amber non sopporta Liam, lo detesta e gli lancia parole avvelenate ma senza mai smettere di dormirci insieme eh, attenzione poi..

Occhiata magnetica, palpatina, lezioni saltate e.. Insomma si sveglia e fa: Patetica fino alla fine e dopo 7 fanno sesso. Ad Amber prende un colpo, sviene, paura, lacrime, ospedale e la sentenza: Indovinate chi non lo ha letto? Rinunceresti a tutto per me? Gioia, hai 16 anni.

Ma ci vuoi riflettere cretina che non sei altro?! I due diventano amici e per una ragione cun po' patetica, Amber la cretina si ritrova di fronte al padre che la minaccia e la terrorizza: Amber perde il bambino e il padre denuncia Liam. Una pena che non vi dico!! Amber viene portata in ospedale per il raschiamento chiamare la madre?

Una soluzione ad ogni problema.. Col padre fessacchiotto che spiattella tutto compiaciuto.. In primis la storia del bambino: Senza parlare poi del fatto che il padre di Amber, nonostante lo schifo che ha fatto, viene lasciato libero: La madre mi ha fatto prudere le mani: Ehm, scusa, dove hai lasciato il senso di vergogna?

Deve esserti caduto dalle tasche di quella minigonna zoccoleggiante..

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Sbatte i piedi a terra dalla frustrazione.. Si fida di Liam, non si fida di Liam. Non vuole essere toccata, si struscia su di lui come farebbe Balu con il tronco per grattarsi. Mi dicono insomma che Miss Scaltrezza abbia di nuovo colpito! Vi risparmio la parte in cui vi dico quanto il libro sembra essere stato scritto da un pesce rosso saltato fuori dall'acquario: View all 45 comments. What a gorgeous gorgeous book!!! I started reading it in the afternoon and refused to go to sleep until it was finished.

I was looking for an angst-free read and, for most of the book, that is exactly what I got. The story centres on three characters - Amber, her brother J What a gorgeous gorgeous book!!! We meet them when Amber is 8 and the boys are We are immediately thrown into the household nightmare in which Amber and Jake live, and the horror that the these two kids have to survive each day.

He lives next door. And so this becomes a daily routine. Amber is a traumatised child who cannot bear to be touched. He finds a way of calming her down when nothing else works. The whole thing about putting his lips on her neck to help her steady her breathing and calm her down made me cry. And so their relationship evolves. One kiss and nothing is the same after that. He loves her so beautifully and so unconditionally that it made my heart melt. But he also loves her patiently, never pushing her out of her comfort zone and always making her feel like the most beautiful and adored girl in the world.

Amber takes her time to realise that she loves him too but he never pressures her into it. I was constantly expecting something to ruin their fairy-tale romance, maybe because it normally happens in the books I read, but I was very happy that nothing ever did. The other important relationship in this book is between Amber and her brother Jake.

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He would provoke the father just to shelter Amber from the beatings and he would comfort her afterwards. It was only natural that he became an over-protective brother later on who threatened any guy who got even mildly interested in Amber. He witnesses first-hand the unique bond that Liam and Amber have developed, his protectiveness towards her and the way only Liam can make her snap out of her almost-catatonic reactions to memories of past abuse and mentions of their father.

However, he knew that he never had the calming effect on Amber that Liam had and eventually his love and concern for Amber overtook his over-protectiveness. This book is not about the abuse itself as it is only really happening at the start and end of the book. And it is a book about love, pure untainted love. My only reservations about this truly beautiful read were the spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention the endless omitted words throughout the text.

I understand that this might be a self-published book but surely someone else at some stage had the opportunity to edit it and correct the errors. I am a bit narky about this and I normally ignore mistakes when there are only a few but, in this case, they really distracted me too often and made me lose track of what I was reading because I was desperately trying to figure out what word should have been there to make the sentence make sense.

Otherwise, I liked the writing style. I thought it was simple but appropriate for the intended audience and the narrative was easy to follow. I compare reading this book to eating a really big bar of chocolate - enjoyable throughout, with occasional pieces of marshmallows or chilli in it, it made me pleasantly full in the end but I needed to brush my teeth afterwards. View all 18 comments. It just goes to show you a great male lead can sometimes save a story. The premise of the story is quite simple, Amber and her big brother Jake have been suffering physical, and on her part sexual abuse by the hands of their father.

This routine of Liam and Amber sleeping together nightly goes on for eight years without getting caught and seemingly having a different relationship during the daylight hours. By day he would annoy me, making me crazy and angry all the time, and by night he would be the sweetest boy in the world and would cuddle me, making me feel safe and secure. It must be noted that never in those eight years has anything happened between the two in her room. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look at him. Jun 01, M.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window : Kirsty Moseley :

This book was really bad. It wasn't the writing or the grammar mistakes. So Amber is supposed to be a traumatized teen because she had endured abuse from her father up until she was Let me point out here that when I say abuse, I'm talking almost rape, not counting the many years of molestation she endured up until her father tried to rape her. However, Amber is anything but traumatized. She says she is This book was really bad. She says she is and that she can't stand people touching her but she sleeps with Liam, her neighbor and her brother's best friend every night, and is not in the least fazed that he is all over her and always wakes up with a boner.

The only time she freaked out was when Liam touched her butt and when a random guy tried to kiss her at a party. There are more things wrong with the story like Jake, her allegedly super protective brother that besides telling Liam to stay away from Amber, never seems to be there when Amber needs protection like when random guy was kissing her.

The absentee mother was also too convenient.

The woman had endured abuse by her husband, watched him do the same to her kids, and she wasn't the one who kicked the him to the curb her son and Liam did but suddenly she is a PA for an executive and spends most of her time away from her kids. It makes no sense, I know. View all 5 comments. Aug 26, Ali Cooper rated it did not like it Shelves: Is this what creative writing has come to?

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  4. Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World.
  5. This is beyond ridiculous and unacceptable to what reading a YA book has come to. Whoever's idea was to even pick up this book was either drunk or making a joke out of it. I mean I wouldn't even consider this a book but a ridiculous explanation to publish a book just for it to be publish. Do you know that instead of "enjoying" this book, This Book? Do you know that instead of "enjoying" this book, that I spent my time correcting her mistakes?

    I mean the book was bad enough but making the reader correct someone else's mistakes??? You seriously got to be kidding right? I thought books were professionally publish? Well what happened here? There's many many MANY, things wrong with this book and I could write a book on it, but I don't usually write reviews on books just get down to the point, but since this book was so terrible I must say what's on my mind.

    Where do I start? Ok, I think I got it. So you have this girl who has a past of an abusive father and now it has followed her in her teen years. But ever since that night, her brother's bestfriend has been sneaking in her window just to give her comfort. So her father abuses her and she lets a young boy such as herself sneak into her room. Why would a kid sneak into another kids window? How does a kid know that much of comfort? I dont even think adults would go that far. I'm pretty sure that young girls are explained to to never have a guy over only if you have a brother.

    But in this case the dude sneaks into her bedroom and goes to sleep with her. No sense at all. I was rather confuse then thinking it was cute. Fast forward and now everyone is grown up and in high school. Honestly, I thought high school was made up of different personalities and not just two.

    Main character is the perfect but insecure girl. So high school was not what I thought It'd be I was really excited to go but now I'm scared I might fall into the wrong category. She messed up my dreams. I thought high school was supposed to be filled with musicians, actors, money makers, jocks, good guys, nice girls, nerds, etc.

    Bestselling Series

    I was just soo Ok on to the next subject So the main character has a brother that is very protective and her brother has a best friend.. Their both players but the best friend has this "thing" for her Pause, Rewind, and Delete. I have never thought that a guy would be in love with a girl BUT still sleeps with others. I don't kno if that's how guys show there love now-a-days but.. I cant even think straight anymore this is.. I dont even think I can finish this coz this really has given me a killer headache.

    But as my conclusion, I did give this "author" one star on having a nice over photo and that's it. I'm not sure what this woman tried to get at but this is just wrong, if your going to write a book, make it make sense, put some humor in there maybe, learn how to spell, I dunno just throwing things out there. But now I know to be very careful at the books I pick up. Thank You for reading if you did Jun 25, Angela Parker rated it did not like it. I am at a complete loss here.

    And in more ways than one.

    The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window - My Cast

    Goodreads reviews rarely let me down. You lie, and you lied good. The book had a lot of potential. I really liked the idea of after a traumatic life, Ambers neighbor has been coming in and sleeping with her every night. The story poorly executed. I need to google this author and find out if the name is a pen name for a 15 year I am at a complete loss here. I need to google this author and find out if the name is a pen name for a 15 year old who just got a laptop for Christmas.

    Because the dialog and story line in this book would suggest so. There were so many things that irritated me about this book. The fact that Amber is constantly talking about how she doesn't like being touched, listen.. You don't like being touched. Having to remind the reader on every page- not necessary. And the fact that a girl who withstood years upon years of molestation from her father would be so dead set on being touched but very open to openly flirting and purposely strutting around to get a rise out of the boys around here.

    And did I miss the part where it talked about her brother being Zac Effron and and her boyfriend being Justin Bieber? Because as I recall- there was absolutely NO gorgeous guys in my high school that warranted their own sexually obsessed and aggressive entourage every day. Liam- who had good intentions annoyed me by seemingly forgetting Ambers name and calling her "Angel" every time he spoke to her. I've got to stop here, or I could go all day with ranting about this book. It has left me sceptical of Goodreads reviews!

    Liam is The boyfriend!!! The most amazing boyfriend ever!!!!!!!!! I loved this book with my whole heart, i don't care not even a bit if it had some plotholes, or about how stupid Amber was!!!! I 'm really happy that i read it. I loved Jake and Liam they were both perfect.. Amber was ok but reckless in some situation.. Mostly where that monster of father was involved.. I can't believe a mother left her children so unprotected and after he left she found a job tha 4,5 Stars How much i loved this story!!! I can't believe a mother left her children so unprotected and after he left she found a job that was away of the children she didn't save..

    Anyway i loved the story of the petname 'Angel' he had for her.. And what a great thing to sleep in the arms of someone that you know he will protect you no matter what.. And the stories from when they were kids were also great.. I think of this book as a fairytale.. Yes many things didn't make sence but it was so romantic.. View all 27 comments. Let me just start off by saying that the max rating this book could have gotten out of me was 4 stars.

    It lost 1 star automatically for all the grammatical errors and believe me, there were plenty. A brother and sister are abused by their father. The synopsis makes it sound like the best friend helps heal the girl and while doing this she realizes her feelings for this boy are deeper than she could have imagined.

    I went in expecting a story about strength, healing, love, and emotional bonds formed through abuse. Completely untramatized by what happened to her when she was younger. But this is very inconsistent. Like I said, the author only remembers the abuse backstory about half of the time but I will discuss that later. I just could not feel for her in any of these situations.

    But of course she never notices this. Yup, you read that right. Jake has anger issues. He beats up his best friend regularly. Did I mention that already? Because the author felt the need to mention that on almost every page that involved Jake. I liked parts of Liam — his sweetness, how tender and patient he was with Amber.

    And come on, the idea of a little 10 year old boy climbing into the window of his best friends little sister to comfort her is adorable. So much of this story was just so unbelievable that it walked on the side of ridiculous. Apparently parents never check on their children. Oh but wait, his other genius idea is that she just move to Boston with him and finish high school there…at 16! Not to mention, his stepson will be going to the same high school as his kids.

    Julie Cross

    But wait, has the dad really changed? Just take a guess at that answer. I digress… This book seriously read like a season of Just calling it like I see Annalynne. I had a huge problem with the writing. The author never set the scene of the book. I have no idea where this story even took place. Despite having two main characters obsessed with hockey and one wanting to go to college in Boston, I came to the conclusion that this book was set in England.

    Which, I guess, makes sense as the writer is English and this is proven in the wording that she uses really? Switching from past to present tense sometimes within the same sentence , verb confusion, constantly repeating oneself: I finally opened my eyes to see him leaning over me, looking gorgeous as always, except right now he looked stressed. Literally the next page: He looked really stressed.

    This went on for awhile. Every time we hear about how long Liam loved Amber, we are also reminded that Jake beat the crap out of him. Same with why Liam had to leave out of the window instead of the front door — every time he left which was every morning for those of you wanting to know. To me, it just seemed like the abuse backstory was just thrown in there to make these people more interesting.

    All in all, I was very disappointed in this book. I wanted to like it, I loved the premise. But, unfortunately, it just fell flat. Amber and Jake Walker live in fear of their abusive father. Just one wrong move can cause him to get angry and go ballistic. One night after an horrific beating eight year old Amber is in her room crying when Liam spots her from his window. Liam is Jake's best friend and lives next door to the Walker's. He climbs out of his window and knocks on hers.

    Amber lets him in and he comforts her they both fall asleep and wake early the next day. This soon becomes a ritual that goes unnoticed for years. The sleepover continues unbeknownst to Jake who is super overprotective of his little sister. Amber is now sixteen her father has been gone for three years. Jake and Liam are eighteen and are known as two of the hottest guys at school. Both are confessed man whores and neither has ever had a girlfriend.

    Although Liam still sleeps over with Amber in public they maintain a playful yet flirty relationship. Of course all of that takes on a new meaning when Amber's feelings change for Liam.