Manual Buddys Diary plus fiction and articles from Dog Cast Radio

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Episode 2 - Rottweilers and kickboxing dogs

You can also hear from owners working at all levels of the scheme about how the training has benefitted them and their dogs. The scheme incorporates tasks that owners will find useful in every day life with their dog, such as basic obedience, as well as teaching the dog not to leave or enter a car until he is given permission. To find out more about Jill visit her website , and we also have links to Good Citizen Schemes around the world.

Buddy has been watching his people, and frankly they have been up to some strange behaviour recently. What makes birthdays so good?

Episode 74 - Settling a puppy and Canine Good Citizen

Why do they smear smelly stuff from tins onto the walls? Above all, what on earth is in that big glass box? All will be revealed in Buddy's Diary. In the DogCast Radio News there's an incredible shaggy dog story about the dog who survived a close encounter with a shark. Host Julie talks about the effect the painting The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner had on her, and Buddy talks about a new book he really likes - well he would wouldn't he?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Buddy's Diary plus fiction and articles from DogCast Radio , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 27, Shawndra rated it really liked it. The book is a compilation of short pieces from the show, with the standouts being the slice-of-life narratives told in the voice of the irrepressible black Labrador.

Fiction ranges from surprising to humorous to moving.

Buddy's Diary plus fiction and articles from DogCast Radio by Julie Hill

Dog lovers will enjoy this winsome book. Jenny rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Steps led up from the top of a stile to a gated balcony jutting from the roof of a low structure smelling of grain, mud, and duck shit. An awning provided shade to the balcony, and alders provided it to the water below. Officer Stitt tilted his head and gazed downward, body language evocative of self-deprecation. What do you call this place? Shyreesha frowned and tucked her chin in like she was refusing a plate of spoiled food.

He licked his thumbnail screen awake and read a quote from The Five Petals of Thought: Anybody wanna help me? When he came back he bore a glass jar of sugar cookies lifted off the tray of mugs Melvin brought up behind him. Melvin and Shyreesha took up theirs. Melvin scooted a crate closer in from the rickety-looking railing and sat.

You got lots of components. Some of em contradictory. So are you saying you deliberately subverted the law? He set it down on an empty barrel top, distancing the temptation. We assume we get to enforce it. We assume you owe us some answers. Loud quacks burst from the pond like farts, drowning the officer out. The ducks contended against one another for some invisible advantage. Wings beat, beaks stabbed, water spouted up and splashed back down. Then the waves and noise subsided, leaving the ducks swimming cordially together as if nothing had happened. Sort of the opposite idea of schadenfreude, which you guys keep in wide circulation.

She crouched, knees bent, arms wide, and sprang over the intervening space at Officer Stitt. He pushed him back down to make him obey. Shyreesha looked up from her embrace of the other officer, eyes wide and angelic. Got in two more blows before Chumley ripped the top off of his gas canister. Soundlessly, stainlessly, the nitrous oxide derivative it contained expanded outward. Officer Chumley barely had time to pull on his mask.

The injured officer inhaled the gas helplessly; Chumley accepted that was probably for the best. NewNight, which was what its manufacturers called the gas, wore off in a couple of hours. Not this fast, though. Not so fast Shyreesha should be sitting up clear-eyed. Not so fast that Melvin remained erect on his crate rather than sliding off half-conscious. Officer Chumley protested the impossibility of an effective antidote to NewNight the best he could with his mask muffling his mouth.

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His eyes stayed closed. Chumley slapped weakly at his cheeks. Half of it had crumbled apart.

See a Problem?

I did pound him with it, though, just like we practiced. Maybe the dose we coated it in was too high? Melvin returned his attention to the fallen officer. These tools, created by scattered artists, never conformed to a set standard. However, their individuality helped protect information subject to unwelcome government scrutiny, particularly important during the period in which tracking programs were monitored.

That worrisome message from East Pomona had gone back to them by way of her attempt at giving it an imaginary address. The recipients it reached had been real. How did she know the new message was even more problematic? Because she had a copy on her lap. She sank her forehead onto her clenched fists, then knuckled her tightly closed eyes. Writing The Five Petals of Thought was just supposed to make her rich.

Yes, the New Bedford Rose was revolutionary and yes, she cared about it. Yes, in the past it had changed lives, spread around the world, probably changed the course of history: Those, though, had all been before her time. But she had her place in the scheme of things. She had her wins: Health care providers who paid attention to her complaints.

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Another sigh escaped her. The clinic being built down near the main entrance. All those neat and oddly assorted visions: Born of Thought, Action, Observation, and Integration. Persisting via pro- or pre-action, on her part or on the part of some other member of the Rose. Now for something New. She set aside the message that had meant another round of trouble. One way to find out. One deliberately provocative way. Accept an illicitly high number of connections. Shaking her head at what she was doing, Melissa turned and lifted the top drone off the fifty-plus crated beside her.

Now where … she found and opened the pen cushion compartment of the message kit on the wooden table beside her. Repeated the sequence for each of the other address threads. And lifted it up and released it on the wind. In , Shawl co-wrote Writing the Other: A Practical Approach , a standard text on inclusive representation. Shawl reviews for The Seattle Times , Ms. She edits reviews for the feminist literary quarterly The Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Additionally, she has edited and co-edited several anthologies, including Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany; and Strange Matings: What is it that a black feminist poethics makes available? What can it offer to the task of unthinking the world, of releasing it from the grips of the abstract forms of modern representation and the violent juridic and economic architectures they support? Affects, contemplations, stimulations, and struggles happen in and through the lap, this site that accumulates the contexts of motherhood associated with the womb and with the bodily grammar of caring , sexual entertainment the lap as a space where two bodies come closer through a clientele dynamic , and domesticity the pet dog as an extension of the family sphere, a receiver of libidinal transferences, and as sublimator of privately occurring sexual drives.

The lap constitutes a space at once para-sexualized—where the relation between the mother and the child, the caretaker and the cared for, takes place—and a space at the core of the unfolding of a relation of intimacy, as the lap opens itself to both male and female sexual organs, with potential physical consequences for its beholders.

The significance and potential of this accumulation of functions in this space that is at once intimate and public opens itself, when the laptop arrives, to a new configuration.