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Young falcon takes flight for first time—but can’t get home

Surprise engagement at Waterloo escape room Air Date: Reducing coverage for pain clinic treatments Air Date: Basketball tournament raising suicide awareness Air Date: Weather update for December 15, Air Date: Kinesiology students show high schoolers the ropes Air Date: Suspicious death in downtown Kitchener Air Date: Cambridge ambulance dispatchers moving temporarily Air Date: Complaints made about arrested teacher: Pump malfunction allegedly charges customer extra Air Date: Treatment centre destroyed in fire Air Date: Ways to deal with dementia over the holidays Air Date: The microwave tower has served as a perfect nesting place for three of the last four years.

The female has been raising the chicks on her own since. One, named Mercury, took a leap of faith Tuesday morning. It is not believed to have sustained any injuries.

Peregrine falcon

The fledgling stayed in the studio until it could be returned to its nest. Accused in Cambridge shooting appears in court. Winning ticket in the millions sold in Kitchener. Paying it forward with Lamborghini rides. Six-year-old leukemia patient finds her bone marrow match. Navy vessels home after months away.

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More stories from CTV Kitchener. Two crashes within minutes of each other near New Hamburg, 7 people taken to hospital. Accused in Cambridge murder faces more charges.

World's Deadliest: Superfast Flyer Makes a Kill

New drunk driving laws to take effect across Canada on Tuesday. Ministry promises 25 per cent increase to GO service in Kitchener. Connect with CTV Kitchener. Winning ticket in the millions said to be sold in Kitchener. Parcels are being plucked off of porches. Peregrines can eat as much as one-quarter of their weight at one sitting.

Birds - peregrine falcon dives at 180 mph - Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife

Peregrines usually begin breeding at about 2 years of age. The male will put on an aerial courtship display to attract a mate to a selection of nesting sites. Peregrines generally mate for life, returning each year to the same area and even the same nest. However, the female will accept a new mate if the first is killed.

The White Falcon, -

The nest, "scrape," is traditionally no more than a depression in a cliff ledge. But nowadays, possibly in response to increased human contact during captive breeding projects, many peregrines find homes in man-made structures and more populated areas, using power plant smokestacks, steeples, tall buildings and bridges.

Females lay a clutch of 3 to 5 eggs in the spring. The eggs range in color from pink to brownish and are about 2 inches long.

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It takes about a month before the eggs hatch. Newly hatched peregrines, weighing in at about 1. Hatchlings are covered with fluffy white down, replaced by feathers in 21 to 35 days.