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The weaving process of the traditional Pochampally ikat sarees is said to be brought to the small town of Pochampally from Chirala where the art was locally referred to as chit-ku. Starting with a small pool of weavers, the town soon came to be known for the classic fabric that they could produce, one that could compete with every silk manufacturer in the country.

By , the manufacturing unit had grown to over ten thousand families, and the process was more maker-friendly, cost effective and time saving. With the introduction of machines in , Pochampally ikat sarees were not just produced faster and without error, but also with precision and a perfection that was hard to find elsewhere. Weaving process The uniqueness of Pochampally ikat lies is the smoothness and neatness with which it can get the design onto the fabric.

Warp and weft

Pochampally ikat uses double ikat and boasts of transferring the intricate design onto the fabric with nothing short of perfection. The colour of the fabric, like most ikat fabrics, is obtained from natural sources. The fabric itself alternates between cotton, silk and sico, which is a blend of silk and cotton. The weaving of a Pochampally ikat saree takes one family of four people, 10 days to weave.

The hard work and manual labour show in the perfect product that you eventually hold in your hands.

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The weaving takes place not just in the village of Pochampally but also Koyalgudam, Chowtuppala, Srirpuram, Bhubangiri, Chuigottala and Galteppala and a few villages in Nalgonda district. Special features One of the most telling signs of a Pochampally silk saree is the intricate geometric design spread over the fabric. The minute detailing gives it a very captivating effect; if you look at the design directly it can actually have a hypnotizing effect. The silk sarees are also extremely lightweight and comfortable so they make for a perfect summer wear option especially in Indian weather.

The rich lustre of silk also makes it a great festive choice.

Pochampally Ikat Sarees: The History Of India’s Famous Double Ikat Weave

Colours Pochampally ikat sarees get their colour from natural sources only. The colours are normally bright with orange, yellow, dull gold and pink ruling the roost. Motifs Pochampally ikat sarees are famous of the geometric patterns on them. However, modern Pochampally sarees borrow heavily from the Patola sarees of Gujarat, which means that the motifs are a mix of elephants, parrots, dancing girls and flowers.

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Weaving for the Soul: Weaving for the Soul is a book designed for weavers all levels and an ideal choice for teachers of weaving. The simplicity with which Viviana Valiente has written and illustrated this book makes it the perfect choice for anyone.

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It is an essential tool for those who want to begin a self-taught journey into the ancient art form of creating textiles. The book presents practical advice about which patterns are best for beginners, ways to avoid common mistakes, helpful tips, and insight on the use of color and texture. In addition, you have the option to follow the easy to understand instructions on how to build simple, homemade frames and utilize square, rectangular, and triangular shaped looms.

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You will find suggestions on finishing techniques and ideas on how to utilize other textile techniques, such as needlework, knitting, and crochet. As you weave your way through this book, you will learn how to make beautiful textiles beginning with the simplest patterns then progressing to the more challenging ones. With minimal investment and a handful of necessary tools and materials, it is an affordable option for everyone.

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