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That is our duty. So thought the Marudgana-gods. The child, unwanted by his parents, grew up in the cradle of the gods. He was the loved one of the gods. The young Bharadwaja's sacred thread ceremony was performed by the Marudgana- gods, who also became his bit gurus and taught him. Bharadwaja took keen interest in learning the Vedas. As he progressed in learning, he became eager to learn more. Even when he became of marriageable age, his attention was focused on education.

He decided to remain a bachelor- till he completed the study of the Vedas. Bharadwaja's education continued for long. However much he learnt, he was still not satisfied. The Marudgana gods taught him all they knew. Bharadwaja learnt it all. He wished to learn more. Seeing no other way, the Marut-gods said: If you want to learn still more, you should perform penance and satisfy Indra. Bharadwaja was still a bachelor. The duty of a bachelor is to live as ordered by the teacher, wishing for nothing except to acquire knowledge with concentration.

Bharadwaja desired nothing but education. He decided to perform penance to learn more about Vedas. He stayed in a peaceful place and prayed to Indra. Even gods were surprised'by the austere penance of the young Bharadwaja. He feared neither rain nor storm. He gave up food and drink. As time passed, his body began to wear out. Everybody began to fear his condition.

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But he did not stop his penance. Finally, one day, as he could not even sit, he collapsed. You had observed penance like this even in your two previous lives. For the same purpose you have worn out your body now. If I give you one more life, how will you use your body? What a statement of devotion! This is indeed the path of knowledge - said Indra in appreciation.

He drew Bharadwaja's attention, "Look here. Bharadwaja saw before him three mountain-sized masses of radiance.

From each of the three heaps Indra picked up a handful and placed them in Bharadwaja's hands. Immediately the three radiant objects melted in Bharadwaja's body and he felt a new vigor. Bharadwaja could not understand what was happening and asked: Vedic knowledge is boundless.

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The three mounds you saw are the three Vedas. Your educational attainments during the last three lives are the three handfuls you have picked up. But it is not a little. Even with this, your radiance has exceeded the brilliance of the gods.

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That is what you have to do. Let the world attain bliss at your hands. The Marudgana-gods saw Bharadwaja coming clothed sparsely, carrying the holy jug and a string of beads. His serene face exuded radiance. The Vedic scholar, the seer, the embodiment of wisdom, Bharadwaja prostrated before the Marudgana-gods.

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They fondly embraced Bharadwaja and said: You are a teacher to us also. Knowledge is more important than age. To all the gods Bharadwaja made obeisance. Said they to Bharadwaja:. Teach people how to live a righteous life. Peace in the world has been disturbed by the menace of the wicked demons. Try to overcome them. In your efforts for this, we will help you. Equal in valor to Indra, he was a virtuous king. His wife Sunandadevi was chaste and devoted.

They had no children. None of the children born to them had survived. They performed a religious sacrifice 'Maruisoma' on the banks of the Ganga in order to get children. The Marudgana-gods accompanied by Bharadwaja came to the pla6e of the religious ceremony.

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They pointed out Bharadwaja to emperor Bharata and said: As you have no children, you may adopt him as a son. He will bring glory to your race. Bharata became free from worry. At the proper age, Bharadwaja was married. His wife was Susheela. Befitting her name, she was a righteous woman, her character matching her beauty - a wife suited to Bharadwaja.

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Bharadwaja saluted Bharata for his blessings and kindness. Bharata had adopted Bharadwaja. Bharata had no other children. There fore, Bharadwaja could have become the emperor. But Bharadwaja had no love for the kingdom. The words of the gods had taken root in his mind. Had they not said, you must impart what you have learnt to others?

Righteousness must be established; people should be taught how to live a noble life one's example. Therefore, Bharadwaja arranged one more religious sacrifice by Bharata.

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He praised and invoked Agni. The prayer bore fruit. In due cot Bharata got a son named Bhimanyu. As Bharata died around that time, the duty of Bharadwaja increased. Staying in the palace till Bhimanyu came of age, he guided him and crowned him.

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Bharadwaja's action in thus saving the dynasty was a great deed. Taking leave of Bhimanyu, Bharadwaja went on a pilgrimage. He covered numerous countries san kingdoms. He met a number of ascetics in places of meditation. He went to Mount Kailas and met Bhrigu in the hermitage. Spectromer of Bharadwaja Maharshi. Chanakya quotes Bharadwaja in the Kautilya Arthashastra.

He had an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge of the Vedas and in addition to his studies, meditated on Indra for long life for more knowledge. He also meditated upon Siva and Parvathi for more Vedic knowledge. He was a first hand witness to the incident of the Krauncha birds, where Valmiki uttered his first sloka. He spent a major part of his life spreading Vedic knowledge as per a command of Indra's. India through the ages. Hindu deities and texts. Vritra Dasas Danu Danavas.

Ayodhya Mithila Dandakaranya Kishkindha Lanka. Bharadvaja is a revered sage in the Hindu traditions, and like other revered sages, numerous treatises composed in ancient and medieval era are reverentially named after him. Some treatises named after him or attributed to him include:. According to one legend, Bharadvaja married Sushila and had a son called Garga. In the Mahabharata, he has a son with an apsara named Ghritachi, and this son is called Dronacharya. In the epic, Bharadvaja trained Drona in the use of weapons.

Bharadwaja had two daughters called Ilavida and Katyayani, who married Vishrava and Yajnavalkya respectively. In the epic Ramayana , Rama, Sita and Lakshmana meet Bharadvaja at his asrama hermitage at the start of their fourteen-year exile. The sage asks them to stay with him through the exile, but they insist on going deeper into the forest to Chitrakuta which is three kosla away from ashram. Bharadvaja gives them directions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Bhardwaj, see Bhardwaj disambiguation. Handbook of Hindu Mythology.

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