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While inexile in ende, Soekarno wrote and staged few plays, together with the tonel Kelimutu theater group. Kelimutu is a holy mountain with three crater lakes, filled with water of different colors.

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Far removed from the civilized would, utter silence reigns around these lakes. According to legend, the man Kelimutu was punished by the gods due to his cruel treatment of the weak. The story presumably refers to the giant Ata Polo Ria, who ill treated the orphans, Ata koo Fai and ata nuwu muri, as well as the old man Ata bupu.

As a punishment, the gods put the giant to death. The site is located near Nuabosi village, eight kilometers from Ende. To reach it, one must walk for more than one hour from Nuabosi, over a small footpath.

Tiwu Sora is a lake inhabited by holy ales, which are said to possess manes, like horses. It takes rather long hike to reach the lake. There is another calm to stop filled with holy ales in the vicinity. The last end of the way to be walked. Wutu weti is the stone bearing the imprint of a boat and man sitting inside it wearing headdress like that of tartar. It is located in the village Nua Mbako, near Nggel, in the south of the Ende regency. Inside are an abandoned house, a well, and a few cannons. A similar fort is found in Numba Rada , about one and a half hour by car from Ende. Nua Kepi is a cave 14 kilometers from Ende.

A couple of japaness scientist once conducted studies for more than a year inside the cave, in which many calm were found. Tanah Ka means edible earth. This area is located in Tombe Radu, in the Ende district.

People are said to eat the soil during periods of severe dog of famine. The area is 17 kilometers from Ende and can only he reached by walking. At Lasugolo , in the village Nida, near Maurole district, is geyser, spurting hot water in a three- meter-high column. It can be reached by car from Ende up to the village of Wologai. From there, one has to walk the rest of the distance for half a day. Mutubasa pond with boiling hot water is where people go to be cured of diseases.

Its located near Saga 20 kilometers from Ende. It takes half a day to walk the distance. It is the name of a village which lies at the floor of a crater, almost one kilometr below the rim.

Fila Ria is a beach, south of Ende near the village Meti Numba. The steep hillside extends for nearly one kilometer along the coast. And is about meters high. The beach however, is wide and the water is clean and calm. The site can be reached by motorboat in about two hours from Ende. Mozic Stones cover the seashore from Maunggora to Nangapanda village. There are stones that ae blue, green and black.

The place can be reached by car in about one hour from Ende. Mari Longa was a hero who fought by himself against the Dutch. He died a natural death and was buried in his home village. The place on the hill where he defended himself are surrounded by bamboo poles filled with water. Mezbah and stone monument unusually called kanga and Tubu-Mase , are platforms for offerings.

In this type of traditional agrarian village, this kind of ritual ceremony is usually held every stage of the process — from that of preparing the soil, to planting, tending the plants and harvesting. This hole was presumably produced by punch, delivered by a powerful young lady from Wio Sumba , who was looking for her younger sister, who had married a nobleman of Roja, Ende.

Ae Wau is a complex of pools with water containing sulfur. There are three pools, which are much visited by the people coming from all over Flores, as well as tourists. It is located 80 kilometers from Ende, near nggela village, and can be reached first by public vehicle, the by walking for a distance of half a kilometer from the village of Nggela. Ae Petu is a hot water pool, located near the village of Detusuko, 33 kilometers from Ende.

It can be reached by car. Tolo Rose is the family grave of the lord Wololele. It is locate in the village of Wololelel A, Wolowaru district. From the top of the hill, or can admire the beauty of the surroundings, up t the beach of Maumere in the Sikka regency. The peak mount Kelisoke is visible in the distance constanly covered by clouds. Besides boasting beautiful scenery, the mountainside is also good for climbing.

Start from Ende towards Wolowaru, at a distance of 64 kilometer.

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From Wolowaru, it takes a hike of more than three hours to reach the summit. Watu Api is the village where the hero Nipa Do was born. He was a commander of Nangapanda kingdom, who revolted against the Dutch government, who imposed excerssive tax burdens and hard labor on the people for the construction of a road network on Flores. Together with his field commanders epa biu, Laja Dhosa and Deru gore, he waged guerrilla war against the Dutch.

Nipa Do was eventually trapped and shot to death. A few of his war commanders were captured and put in prisons in Java. Ende is famous for its export of colorful stones. Families will gather every day on the shores of the black sand beaches to gather and sort the stones washed up by the sea. The stones are then exported primarily to Japan for its stone gardens. Ojeks will take you there, but it's really just rocks and not that spectacular. The beaches around Ende are absolutely beautiful except near the market where the beach is filthy and completely undeveloped.

Pack lunch and head for the beach. You can combine this with a visit to the village of Wolotopo. If you already went to Bena this village is less spectacular, but it does make for a nice getaway. For a nice beach that is close to Ende several km east of the airport head to Nanganesa beach. Beautiful stones cover the black beach and there are many locals around enjoying themselves.

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There is some garbage on the beach, but it is a good option if you don't want to leave town. The markets are big and interesting, if that is your thing. Take a stroll through the markets near the port, and you will find fish of all sorts, fresh vegetables and of course, the omnipresent Ikat. This volcano situated on the peninsula south of Ende is relatively small - only slightly over masl, but some consider it one of the most beautiful volcanos on Flores.

To get to the trail, you will need transportation for the km south of ende on the road following the west coast of the small peninsula. The road becomes a dirt track and veers inland. Depending on your vehicle you can drive all the way to the trail head or walk the last bit of the road as it becomes very rough for a scooter for example. The road passes a garbage disposal site and the trail up the mountain starts when at the end of the road. The trail to go up is quite obvious and in one to two hours you should be at the top. Make sure you go back down exactly the same way!

When you reach the top you will see Iya's old crater. Turn right along it to see the smoking new crater that drops gorgeously down to the sea below. The ground is unstable, slippery and take into account the winds and the gas emited by the volcano. If you are not experienced with mountains and volcanoes, it's possible to find a guide. Since this is a low mountain, start early to avoid the heat.

Eat and drink [ edit ] Walk in any direction for 2 minutes and you will have passed at least one warung selling Sate, Mie Goreng, Padang etc. Located close to the Ikat market and the beach, this warung is worth going at lunch time even if you are staying on hotels near the airport. Just follow the road towards the port, and you can't miss it.

Wings air Lion air flies to Bali 3 days a week with a stop in Labuanbajo - Transnusa also covers this route. Merpati and Nusantara also flies to Kupang. If you are flying Wings Air, flights can be purchased with foreign credit card from the Lion Air website - otherwise tickets are best bought at a travel agent. Once again, the ever helpful Ikhlas Hotel can be your one-stop-shop.

Ende, East Nusa Tenggara

Hasan Aroeboesman Airport is located within 10 minutes walking distance of the Ikhlas and Safari Hotel, but an ojek is worth it if you have a heavy bag. Central Ende is very small and everything of interest to the traveller is literally within walking distance. Walk in any direction for 2 minutes and you will have passed at least one warung selling Sate, Mie Goreng, Padang etc. Up-market restaurants are scarce, if any.

On Jl Ahmed Yani, near the soccer field, is a street vendor selling Martabak chocolate pancake which is excellent. Buy an extra one to take with you if you are flying with Wings Air because there is no food on board. Besides the hotels listed here, several homestays are located on the same road towards the port. These 2, however, are head and shoulders above the rest. Understand [ edit ] Ende was the site of a kingdom that existed around the end of the 18th century.

Get in [ edit ] By bus [ edit ] Buses from Bajawa stop at a warung near the airport for lunch.

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  • By boat [ edit ] Pelni serves Kupang and Sumba island on a 2 week schedule. By plane [ edit ] Wings air Lion air flies to Bali 3 days a week with a stop in Labuanbajo - Transnusa also covers this route. Get around [ edit ] Central Ende is very small and everything of interest to the traveller is literally within walking distance.

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