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He still managed to make time some days, though. Qrow was cleaning the board when he heard his classroom door open, and had just time to register that all his kids were already gone before a pair of hands rested on his hips and a pair of lips brushed the base of his neck. He stretched his arms back and his hands found a familiar coif of gelled hair, eliciting a pleasant hum.

He made to do so, but Qrow turned and followed, not letting him out of his personal space. Does that make sense? Foster care is a lot of winging it. And the only thing I know about the previous guardians are that the last one was arrested. Further comment was prevented by the door opening again and Ruby and Penny appearing in the classroom.

They tackled James, Penny getting him around the legs and Ruby hanging from his arm. Apparently the game is pretty big now, not just for nerdy losers anymore. James rolled his eyes and pushed Qrow toward the door. Will you play with us? His schedule was packed as it was, and in his experience ddnmd tended to take up a lot of time. Nora was inside with Ren, and she looked up at they arrived. And I get to use a giant electric hammer! But James after a moment let out a soft, half-hearted laugh. Ten minutes later, Qrow pulled his pickup into the parking lot at the middle school.

Today she tossed her backpack into the bed of the pickup and climbed up into shotgun with a groan. Qrow chuckled and pulled out. Need help with any of it?

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James was not entirely sure what gender his new foster child actually was. It was the little things. Sure, the child could be a tomboy. So he had his doubts. And as soon as they brought the child home, he decided to ask. He was subjected to a searching look, suspicious, looking for honesty in his face, and did his best to make his sincerity apparent.

After a moment, the child snorted and pushed his? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? No Archive Warnings Apply Category: Regardless of what Qrow thinks is actually best. This attitude especially applies Side Order Of Love is certainly okay and has likable enough characters, yet I can't quite give it four stars.

This attitude especially applies during the beginning of the New Year. Wow, do I get this! I read this last June and remember thinking, "What a sweet and sincere book. Feb 26, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: A romance with high doses of drama and angst that lacked of passion, love and intensity at least mutual. The best moment they had was their first interaction which was interesting and engaging but after that, the development of their relationship along A romance with high doses of drama and angst that lacked of passion, love and intensity at least mutual.

The best moment they had was their first interaction which was interesting and engaging but after that, the development of their relationship along with the chemistry that they were supposed to have seemed too weak. This character was supposed I think to create sympathy due to a bad experience she had with a married woman in the past and even though she had some reasons that explained her fears to be with someone else again, I think her attitude bordered on arrogance and even self-victimization, although I got the feeling that her attraction to the other lead was never strong enough and that was the biggest reason.

This character was also quite contradictory for me. Her reasons for not wanting to be with the other lead were understandable at some point but then confusing and unnerving. Her attitude to me was interesting at first but then it was quite unnerving seeing her almost begging to be loved in return. It was hard for me to like her. It was quite distressful to read those parts. In fact, I think I went thru a cycle of pitifulness, irritation and sadness.

Ugh A couple of examples: But I would like to. I want you now. However much of you I can have. But I love you, Grace. Just love me now. There are several more dialogues and even internal ones that reassured the unrequited feelings or the intensity thereof in this story. Later on, she admits she misses her but not enough to go after her.

And Torrie, misses her and daydream about her while playing golf, again the same pattern in the emotional department. For a little while I thought wishful thinking maybe, just maybe there would be a plot twist and Grace would be the one who would go after Torrie, realizing that what she felt was much more than what she initially thought. This time when they talked, Torrie once again proclaims her love and after a while Grace says she feels the same. Oh, well… Anyway, the end was rather sweet and nice and they finally get their happily-ever-after ending.

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So if the synopsis grabs your attention give it a try and judge for yourself, after all this book has nice reviews from other readers. Muy bueno Me encanto la historia, muy bien contada. Learning to Love Chef Grace Wellwood needs a vacation. Torrie Cannon is last years champion who is sidelined by shoulder surgery and serves as host. Can they find their way to trust and love. Jul 09, Gayer Than Fiction rated it liked it.

Side Order of Love

Again with the babbling in bed I cannot rate this better than three stars if all of the rest of the ladies' characterizations is thrown out of the window between the sheets. May 31, Scottm rated it really liked it. Really liked the characters and the plot, but there is something that is holding me back from giving it another star. I was really pulling for the main characters to get together and have their happily ever after.

The supporting characters were well developed. I think that everything ended up "fitting" too perfectly. Mar 26, Ayse rated it it was ok Shelves: Fairly traditional romance but I really lost interest part of the way through when Torrie said that Grace wasn't worth fighting for.

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What kind of romance has such a statement. I had no real interest in seeing them together after that, which was a shame because I liked the character of Grace. And the epilogue was ridiculous.

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Dec 23, Kylie rated it did not like it Shelves: Simply written, simple story line. Side Order of Life is a dramatic television series broadcast by Lifetime on Sunday night. In its first five weeks it aired at 8: Marisa Coughlan plays Jenny McIntyre, a photographer who reconsiders her life and is reawakened to her options after her best friend, Vivy Porter Diana-Maria Riva , is diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer.

Christopher Gartin rounds out the main case as Jenny's boss Rick Purdy at the fictional In Person magazine; he is in love with Vivy, who has rejected him. Lifetime broadcast Side Order of Life with State of Mind and Army Wives in an effort to offer a night of new original programming aimed primarily at female viewers during the summer hiatus. Side Order of Life premiered on Lifetime on July 15, Initial reviews were positive, with Variety. In a moment of candor, when discussing his role on a female-oriented show on a female-oriented network, Jason Priestley referred to himself as "the man-meat," but stated, "I'm ok with that.

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Lifetime has decided not to renew Side Order of Life for a second season. The show hovered in the balance for the length of the writer's strike with fans even going to the lengths of sending take-out menus by the scores to the network and calling Lifetime studios to fight for the show's survival. Ironically, on the same day the series was notified of its selection for an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Honors award for its groundbreaking work as a television series, Lifetime notified cast members and crew of the cancellation.

Fittingly, a large contingent of the show's fan base are cancer survivors and friends and family members of those affected, and despite an overwhelming outpouring of outcry, Lifetime has not moved to reverse the decision. Lifetime announced soon after this decision that it would be purchasing the show "Project Runway", although no connection to the unrelated events was publicized.

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Outrage in the cancer survivor community over Lifetime's programming choice continues to this day as the network's message board for the show still receives empassioned pleas for Lifetime to reconsider. Prompted by an interview with a doctor who theorizes that one's first love sets one's course in life and lasts forever, Jenny searches for her own. She discovers he's an award-winning photojournalist and contacts him via his website. Coincidentally he's in Los Angeles and the two reunite. He confesses he still has feelings for her and invites Jenny to take a sabbatical from work and travel with him around the world.

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She accepts, then declines after giving the matter more thought. Vivy is diagnosed with medicinal menopause and her doctor prescribes unusual treatment to counteract the symptoms. Rick meets with Jenny's mother and is amazed to find her blatantly flirting with him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be written from a fan's point of view , rather than a neutral point of view. Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone.

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