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The root of this problem might be that Marillier has a distinctive writing style.

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I love her lush descriptions that give more of an impression of what things look like rather than a concrete list. I love her diction, her rhythm, her fairytale tone. She either needs to learn how to develop a different voice for different characters, or revert to third-person. I also noticed in Heir to Sevenwaters that Marillier has developed a very annoying habit in which Clodagh hears a character usually Cathal say something mysterious, and then immediately spends a few pages ruminating over every possible meaning of this mysterious quote.

For instance, if Cathal said something cryptic about his father and seemed conflicted while saying it, Clodagh would think about all the possible reasons why Cathal might be conflicted, all the possible people his father could be, all the possible meanings of his cryptic speech, and all the possible ways it might involve her. I found that this ruined the mysteries for me.

We can recognize that what a character says is cryptic and important without being told so. We can tuck that information away in our minds and ruminate on the possibilities ourselves. To be explicitly told that something was mysterious, and then to be explicitly outlined every possible outcome was annoying and detracted from my involvement with and enjoyment of the book.

There were things I did like about this book, even if their affects were clouded by my previous complaints. As mentioned before, I liked that Clodagh was a homemaker instead of an herbalist and did not possess sorcery like Fainne did in Child of the Prophecy. I felt that this lack of specialized skills made it easier to put the reader in her shoes.

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I liked the setting of the fae world. In previous books we saw figures from the fae world cross into the human world, but here Clodagh and Cathal enter a world very different from their own. I loved the act of their crossing over and the detailed rules that could cause their downfall ex. I was excited to spend time in this setting. Even Beacon, the changeling baby, became a background detail. Clearly, I did not enjoy this book very much. I thought the writing style hindered the originality of the characters, and that the structure of the book failed to take advantage of the setting.

I would recommend this to diehard fans of Sevenwaters, but I myself will not be reading it again. View all 3 comments. Levei muito tempo para pegar neste livro Gostei tanto ou mais que "A Filha da Floresta": I liked this one MUCH more than book 3. Cathal is a great hero, and I love the strong female main character and her quest.

I also loved Becon. The fourth book of the series is the most Celtic and the darkest of all until now. Our new heroine is called upon to confront the most malicious supernatural forces, plunging us into the darkest side of Irish mythology. Of course, as in the previous books, the heroine is called upon to overcome her weaknesses and find the courage to be able to help the good to prevail and earn her own happiness next to her beloved.

All this in an atmosphere full of romance created by the writer's particularly be The fourth book of the series is the most Celtic and the darkest of all until now. All this in an atmosphere full of romance created by the writer's particularly beautiful and emotional writing, which of course characterizes the whole series and makes us loving it. You see this dive in Irish mythology is done in such a good way that it reveals that it is a product of study rather than merely the result of a superficial approach to the subject.

For example, through the story, it is clear that the gods as they perceived at that time were not necessarily human assistants, nor did they represent the way people functioned; instead, they were considered creatures outside human logic, so much higher than us that they could not perceive our psychology.

The result is the adventure that our heroine engages in and confronts her with the will of the most hostile of those who, as I can understanding, his anger will also spread to the next books of the series. So this fourth part has a didactic character, tells a fascinating story, interesting from the beginning to the end, leaving promises for the sequel while having the romance that I mentioned above and we especially cherish. There is not much more to ask for, although I expect something more and something tells me it is coming. Jul 05, Lata rated it liked it Shelves: I've said it before, but each time I re-read a book of Sevenwaters it feels just like coming home for me.

Heir starts a new arc for this series and though I've never fallen as deeply in love with a novel as I did for Daughter of the Forest or Son of the Shadows, Heir to Sevenwaters is still beloved by me. I love it differently than the first 3 novels of this series, but I love it all the same.

Clodagh is strong in a very different way than the daughters of Sevenwaters who came before her, but sh I've said it before, but each time I re-read a book of Sevenwaters it feels just like coming home for me. Clodagh is strong in a very different way than the daughters of Sevenwaters who came before her, but she is still fierce and brave when needed. I am enthralled every time I watch her love story unfold with Cathal.

Marillier again manages to weave a story that makes you forget about everything going on around you while reading. I can't imagine another series ever rooting itself deeper into my soul. Oct 13, Karina Read rated it really liked it. I love this series, so much and Heir to Sevenwaters is another excellent instalment. I was disappointed with the third in the series, Child of the Prophecy, but maybe that's because i loved Son of the Shadows so much.

This novel shows Marillier back on top form and is an excellent addition to the life and legacy of the Sevenwaters family. I love knowing a history of the characters and what motivates them from reading the previous books, but what impresses me the most is how unique and addictive M I love this series, so much and Heir to Sevenwaters is another excellent instalment. I love knowing a history of the characters and what motivates them from reading the previous books, but what impresses me the most is how unique and addictive Marillier makes each new story.

I normally dislike family saga series' and ones where each book is about a different side character from the original but i adore this series. That's not to suggest the Sevenwaters series is the above, it's so much more. Sure, the storyline follows one family down the generations but it is also fantastical, magical and atmospherical.

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Knowing the family history and all the trials and tragedy it contains only adds to the story. It is also a testament to Marillier's writing that each story feels different from the others even when set in the same place with similar friends and foes. Each book feels entirely separate yet also part of a whole. I find them so emotional, and each time i feel something for one of them I'm reminded of just how realistic her characters are. My heart go out to them and I feel their pain, love and loss. Her descriptions of the relationships between the characters; lovers, friends, family and enemies alike, are just beautiful.

The scenery is breathtaking, i can picture everything perfectly, without the use of overly flowery or poetic prose. Lastly, although I could wax lyrical about this world forever sorry not sorry, as always i thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy element of this historical-esque fiction. The Tuatha De Danann are still equal parts otherworldly and terrifying. Mac Dara, the villain of this piece is a complex character and while does horrific things, has moments that leave you feeling sorry for him. I adore the mythological aspect of these stories, and how Marillier weaves fairytale and drama together so expertly.

I have, and will continue to, read some of her other novels, some i have loved Heart's Blood in particular and one not so much waiting for the plot to start in Dreamer's Pool , but i think these will remain my favourite; and this one in particular. Son of the Shadows is my numero uno and up there with Catherynne M Valente's Deathless as one of my all time faves, and Daughter of the Forest was an excellent introduction to the world and characters, but Clodagh and Cathal's story in Heir to Sevenwaters was beautiful.

I hope you do too. Feb 23, Dyanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Daughters of Sevenwaters Sevenwaters Couples I love this books so much that I really want them each to have a movie! This book is full of adventures and the true meaning of love and because of this I read this book in a few days.

Clodagh is the type of girl that is raised to become a perfect housewife. Because her mother is pregnant and her twin sister will marry soon, Clod Daughters of Sevenwaters Sevenwaters Couples I love this books so much that I really want them each to have a movie! Because her mother is pregnant and her twin sister will marry soon, Clodagh finds herself in taking care of the house in stead of her mother.

She is very practical and very responsible, two virtues that remind me so much of Jenica from Wildwood Dancing. But when her mother gives birth to a baby boy and when that boy is kidnapped, Clodagh feeling guilty and being the only one who knows and seeing that the Fair Folk exchanged her little brother with a changeling , is determined to embark in a quest that will change her life. Cathal is a warrior from Johnny's team and the childhood friend of Aidan. Aidan likes Clodagh and for the first 80 pages or so there is a love triangle between the two boys and Clodagh but I am happy that in the end it is finished at least till after Cathal kisses Clodagh goodbye.

Cathal is very mysterious for the better part of the story, I mean you never know his true feelings and why he did some things.

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At first you think that he is something fishy about him that when you find the true about him and all of the pieces fall in their right places you realize how can appearance can be so deceiving and I liked every page about him. Also I liked how at the beginning of the quest Clodagh is overwhelmed of what is going on, she is not a warrior and she is honest about that, she is not fearless, she is afraid and she knows that but the fact that she loves so strongly she takes risks for the ones she loves and that is much better then a heroine that has skills of a warrior but does not know to love to the fullest.

They start as strangers and might I say not liking each other at all but when they began to really knowing the other they feel deeply in love with each other. So deep that they will sacrifice anything for the well being of their beloved one. The book made me cry especially when Mac Dara made Cathal walk in when Clodagh screamed.

I thought that was the saddest scene ever. I felt sorry for Becan I really started to love that little guy for Clodagh's anguish and for the sacrifice that Cathal did for his love. Oct 07, Autumn Doughton rated it it was amazing. Finding this book at Books-A-Million two weeks before the US release date was one of the more thrilling moments in my life sad, I know! Marillier is one of my favorite authors and specifically the Sevenwaters trilogy is one of her best. This fourth novel in the series recaptured the magic of the family that I felt was lost in book 3.

I also liked that it followed only 4 years after book 3 instead of an entire generation later, which is the precedent set in the other books. Another departure fro Finding this book at Books-A-Million two weeks before the US release date was one of the more thrilling moments in my life sad, I know! Another departure from Marillier's formula in the Sevenwaters stories is that this book ended with a hundred question marks floating in the air.

Usually she wraps up a story completely and the following book tackles new characters that are in some way related to the previous story. This book made me believe that Clodagh and Cathal will have to play a large role in the next book. Overall, it was a beautiful story full of old Irish folklore, adventure and romance. I'm sure I'll be devouring it for a second time in the not so distant future.

Sep 15, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. July , 4. This was an excellent book. The problems I had with it were very minor. It sort of dragged near the middle, but soon picked up. There was one unresolved question I had after I finished it. Perhaps it will be answered in the next book.

Nov 29, Talltree rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 21, Kristen McQuinn rated it liked it Shelves: I just reread this and enjoyed it much more than I apparently did the first time. I say apparently because, oddly, I have absolutely no recollection of reading this book previously. That almost never happens to me. Once I read a story, I tend to remember them.

Anyway, I definitely liked this a great deal. I am also stoked about reading the next book in the Sevenwaters series as well as the new book Marillier has coming out this fall! I think Marillier can do much better. That said, this was still a wonderful book and Marillier is a better writer than many out there. I did like that this one was more "Otherworldly" than the others.

The others all had elements of the Otherworld, this one was largely set in the land of Faerie. It was a much darker book than many of Marillier's usual, which I really liked, actually. Yes, the lovers still end up married happily, but there is a shadow hanging over them. There is ample room for another Sevenwaters book, and I do hope that it Marillier's intent.

I still enjoy her writing immensely, even when I think she could do better, as here. Anyway, I also liked that Clodagh was not a typical heroine. In fact, she was nothing more than a girl who was more than capable of running a large household, not much more, as was noted more than once throughout the book.

But she overcomes her fears and self doubt to save her lover at great personal risk. In that regard, she is typical of the female hero. But she didn't have the same sense of confidence that the three previous women had. Even Fainne, in Child of the Prophecy had a bit more confidence. Clodagh knew what she had to do and didn't hesitate to do it, but she had fears the whole time. In that regard, she was probably more realistic than any of the others, including Fainne. At the end of the day, this was a book about selfless love, many, many different kinds. It would be good book for younger readers as well as adults.

It can stand alone from the other Sevenwaters books, which is nice. Everything that is mentioned from the other books is easily explained in a way that's not annoying for those who've read the previous books but is sufficient for those who haven't to understand what's happening. Overall, this is still a very good book, and I would recommend it to fantasy fans. Sep 15, Jalilah rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I did not find it quite as good as Son of the Shadows and Child of the Prophecy , Heir to Sevenwaters was still a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read.

I still plan to read all the books in this series. Yet another breathtaking narrative - Juliet knows how to keep us clinging to the stories that she so skillfully imagines and writes. From the ambience descriptions to the story itself, it all adds to making her books truly addictive. All the plot details fit perfectly and there seems to be no loose ends.

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I also like that she "casually" includes several hints to the continuation of the series. I'm not reading the next volume just yet, so I can fully enjoy all the sensations I got from Clodagh's story. Feb 25, Mindy rated it liked it. I can't believe the same person wrote this and the first two books of the Sevenwaters trilogy. But "Heir to Sevenwaters" was a complete let down! Marilier didn't develop the characters or maybe I think that because I never really connected with them.

The plot had a good premise, but she could have done better. And the heroine was nothing special.

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And there were pages o Extremely disappointing. And there were pages of the main characters professing their love over and over. I would say it would be a good teen book except for their fascination with wanting and the ability to have sex together. Plus, give me a break Johnny can't be gay! I love the Sevenwaters series!

I absolutely loved Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows did not disappoint. I didn't love Child of the Prophecy as much as the first two so I was hoping that Heir to Sevenwaters would be able to capture these great feelings again for me. This story takes place just four years after Child of the Prophecy. It is obvious that the reader knows the story of Child of the Prophecy but that the main character who would have been just a child during that story does not know those circumstances.

This story is about Clodagh who we first met as a twelve year old in Child of the Prophecy. She has a twin, Dierdre and they can communicate with their minds. Dierdre is getting married and Johnny has come to Sevenwaters with his Inis Eala warriors for a time. One of those warriors has caught Clodagh's eye, and one of them is driving her nuts! There are a lot of strange goings on which culminates with Clodagh's newborn baby brother being taken from the nursery when she was watching him. In his place is a changeling of sticks. Clodagh must travel to the Otherworld with this changeling in order to bargain for her baby brother's return.

She doesn't know the way in, she doesn't know how to find Mac Dara the man responsible and she doesn't know all the rules. Along for the ride is the very warrior who was driving her nuts, but she can't be picky now as she needs all the help she can get. She soon realizes that Cathal the warrior is hiding things and is more than he seems, but it isn't until it is too late that she puts all the pieces together. I loved, loved, loved this installment!

The romance was perfecto! Clodagh was strong, smart and brave. I loved the little changeling, Becan. I cried when it was time for Clodagh to give him up. Reading order of the Sevenwaters series: I didn't see all that when I first met you. But I did feel a spark. I felt an affinity. And I felt desire. It trembled through me at every toss of that fiery mane. It kept me sleepless by night and restless by day.

With every kind word and with every sharp one you drew me in further. This is, so far, my favorite book of the Sevenwaters series. It pulls ahead only slightly of the first book, Daughter of the Forest, because of the richly woven trials and tribulations of venturing into the Otherworld of the Tautha De Dannan. This series weaves all the elements of historical fantasy that make it my favorite genere and I am fully invested in the generational characters, their heroics, and love that make up the family of Sevenwaters. After the rather sometimes trudging third book with it's disjointed climax, Heir to Sevenwaters was refreshing, engaging and enchanted.

Although Irish lore is mixed with all the books so far, in this book it is clutch in solving the riddles of the Underworld and to it's current ruler, Mac Dara. The lore is a fantastic accompaniment with the strong and unwavering underlining theme that love really does, so far, conquer all. One person found this helpful. See all reviews.

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With her mother pregnant, Clodagh fears the worst since Aisling is well past the safe age for childbearing. To set things to rights for her family and for all the people of Sevenwaters, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who now rules there. Accompanied on her quest by a warrior of uncertain allegiance, she will have her courage tested to breaking point.