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Ranging from new management roles to Vice Presidents, Jamie has had made a significant impact on all of their personal effectiveness and leadership skills. I see Footprint Leadership as a secret competitive weapon that has truly helped me build one of the strongest leadership teams I have had the pleasure to lead.

The 5th Generation of Leadership

Footprint Leadership specializes in developing new and emerging leaders. My clients are often more established organizations beginning to deal with the reality of an aging leadership population in their company, fast-growth companies struggling to keep up with demand or simply progressive organizations who appreciate the value good leadership brings to the table. For many companies that have secured my services including 1: Yes, it is possible to develop your high-potential talent faster than you think.

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Without exception, participants report a dramatic increase in their professional effectiveness and a deeper passion for their work. I have a solid track record of success that proves my approach works. In fact, my book about Emerging Leaders has been endorsed by business schools, thought leaders, talent management professionals, business leaders and best-selling authors alike. The approach can work for you as well.

You can begin creating more effective leadership now by getting a free excerpt of my book, The Emerging Leader: The excerpt is bundled with my popular international leadership newsletter, Footnotes. Website by Brolly Media. Organizations led with Sense and Autonomy creating aligned, caring and purposeful contributions. Leaders exist in all levels of an organization and in any part of a community. Leadership is less frequently reserved for higher level positions or in a hierarchy.

That is at least two generations past. Command and control is evolving and being adapted in all forms of organizations, including the military. Marquet created an empowering work environment to release passion, initiative and intelligence of every member of the crew. Emerging network diagrams, tribes and flat organizations are not a fad. They are a natural and necessary evolution. The leadership required and demanded by this evolution is also emerging quickly. People create knowledge out of information. People take action to produce results.

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And, people have feelings, experience emotions, source and live spirit, in addition to working hard and smart to meet commitments. We could be called on to be a leader at any time.

Jamie Broughton (Author of The Emerging Leader)

We could step up and decide we are a leader at any moment. Position power has become ineffective in most circumstances. People are not accepting that managers above them have the intelligence, answers or authority to help them get their job done. Well, the truth is managers never did. People who became empowered and dared to do great things, discovered that it was unrealistic to expect those above to be better.

Great managers often found that stewardship was a better model to embrace in order to create an environment where empowered teams of people learned, innovated and were responsible for meeting commitments. Leadership became shared, distributed and a little confusing.

When looking for leaders, we have to look throughout entire organizations, throughout a whole community. This next generation, the fifth generation, of leaders emerging right now must operate on four key principles. These principles are increasingly making teams successful, organizations successful, and each of us successful when we lead. The four principles of fifth generation leaders are clarity, freedom, empathy and results.

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Without thinking, you sign your name nearly every day. That signature is so consistent that handwriting analysts can read a great deal about you through your signature. Each team member, customers, partners and stakeholders want to experience consistency from organizations so obvious that it is just like the clarity of your personal signature. Our purpose, the thing that brings passion most easily to our life, is encoded in our signature. Our heart pulls us along a pattern of choices, learning and successes that empower our life.

Purpose is connected to the reason why we do the work we do and are in the position we have for that work. Ultimately, it is why we are living the life we have created. It turns out that organizations all have signatures too. The simplified process goes something like this:. Here is where clarity becomes important as a leader. In the past, most organizations state and re-state their purpose developed by their executives. This helps people investors, employees, customers, partners understand reason for being, mission, values and how the organization expects to achieve its purpose.

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This alignment is best demonstrated when leadership emerges at every level of the organization. Decisions are made with greater autonomy, directionally right and ultimately delivering results. Sounds like a big task? Well, yes, if there has been little or no effort made to consciously develop a people-powered culture. The culture of the organization must be geared to recognize that people are the only way the organization can achieve its aims.

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Building such a culture is not laborious or even an outrageous investment for organizations embracing the reality of the workforce today. Leaders must now take steps to build a sustained collective purpose and help people understand how that relates to their individual purpose. We are in an age now that is completely changing the way our work force behaves. People of all generations want the freedom to bring more of their true self to work. Our true self is spirit, mind, emotion and body. It is a passion for making a contribution bigger than we can achieve alone and aligned with our purpose.

People are increasingly dissatisfied with compartmentalizing work, home, play and community involvement. Leaders of this generation are helping people step into more of themselves. Step into the passion that comes out of personal purpose. This freedom is providing opportunity for people in our organizations to pursue what they know is going to be the success of the organization and what they know they can deliver as value. New organization models are emerging that support this approach to freedom. Zappos was built and grew to massive scale through focusing on their culture, on employees, to deliver happiness inside and outside Zappos.

People, who are employees, are beginning to demand a lot more freedom and happiness from their work. People want to be more true to themselves, be who they are authentically, regardless of whether they are at work, home or play.

Millennial Motion: The Next Generation of Leadership

Leaders have an awesome fertile opportunity to develop the freedom principle that will attract, retain and unleash new growth. There is only one reason why organizations and companies exist: Empathy is about allowing people to be vulnerable, expecting people to bring their whole selves to work, have sensitivity toward others, and honor our emotions in the workplace. Unresolved emotions are the source of nearly all conflict.