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Darren Shan - Demon Apocalypse - Hell is Revealed!

If you are located outside Canada, the best way to order online is to choose from the following bookstores listed by region and country. Dark Calling The Demonata, Book 9. Blood Beast The Demonata, Book 5.

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Demon Thief The Demonata, Book 2. Enlisting the help of the Disciples, Grubbs, Kernel, and Beranabus set out to reseal the tunnel and remove the Demonata from Earth at the same time. After arriving at the tunnel, Kernel gets his eyes gouged out by Spine one of Lord Loss's familiars and Grubbs sees all his friend's and Dervish's heads carried by demons Not Bill-E's. The spirit of Bec appears again and tells Beranabus that sealing the tunnel will not remove the demons like it did last time. In the chaos, the Kah-Gash the weapon powerful enough to destroy universes awakes in Grubbs, Kernel and Bec and turns back time to a point just before the tunnel was opened, providing Grubbs, Kernel, and Beranabus a way to prevent mankind's extinction.

During the cave battle between Beranabus' group and Lord Loss', it is revealed that Bill-E must be killed to prevent the opening of the tunnel, since he unwittingly sacrificed Loch to open the tunnel. Because Dervish is unable to kill his nephew, Grubbs is forced to painlessly kill Bill-E.

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This seals the tunnel, and also forces the retreat of a shadowy creature unlike any demon Grubbs has seen before. Bec, her essence trapped within Grubbs, fills Bill-E's body and changes the body to resemble hers. It is revealed that Bec's spirit has been trapped inside the cave for the past years, believed by Beranabus to be because she is part of the Kah-Gash, along with Grubbs and Kernel.

Now knowing what is at stake, Grubbs leaves Dervish in the care of Bec and joins Beranabus and Kernel on their never ending quest to prevent more tunnels from opening and to learn more about the creature known as the Shadow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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