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Habakkuk 1 Habakkuk 2 Habakkuk 3. Zephaniah 1 Zephaniah 2 Zephaniah 3. Today, we believe in the authority of our science, no matter what. Neil Postman; Technopoly , But nobody is going to say so. Because erotic passion is assumed to be a stroke of destiny that overtakes people, overwhelms them in an irresistible tide of wholly admirable mutual devotion. That is the post-Christian estimate of erotic love. It is a god. It has its own authority. No man or woman of sincerity and generosity can resist it. There is no freedom of choice in relation to it.

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In comparison to its power and authority, the claims of growing children count for nothing. Their own authority, these critics tell us, is not the Scriptures, but the Lord Himself. Now this sounds very impressive and very imposing at first, as if they were but stating that for which we are ourselves are contending.

It sounds as if it were a highly spiritual position until, again, you begin to examine it carefully. The obvious questions to put to those who make such statements are these: What do you know about the Lord, apart from the Scriptures? Where do you find Him? How do you know that what you seem to have experienced concerning Him is not a figment of your own imagination, or not the product of some abnormal psychological state, or not the work perchance of some occult power or evil spirit?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Authority , Reason is not God and possesses no such authority. Its judgments are based on the tenuous, sinful, and subjective pre-suppositions of a creature and are neither grounded in being or in truth. Reason can only establish a connection with being and truth insofar as it rests, not on its own mythical authority, but on God and His Word. Rushdoony, By What Standard? Roberts; Sanctify the Congregation, The truth is that Christian thinking does not focus on human rights but on human duties.

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Do you have a God that can tell you to change your mind? Can God argue with you? Matthew 6 and Hebrews Does the truth come at you? Does the truth comfort you? Jesus is the final prophet. Why are the rebellion and disobedience like the sin of the divination? Divination is seeking to know what to do in a way that ignores the word and counsel of God. It discounts the guidance and revelation of God, or regards them as wrong or insufficient. And that is exactly what disobedience is based on. But most often in the case of disobedience the added source of wisdom is simply oneself!

What does it say about your doctor if he writes the prescription for three pills a day and you decide to take them once a day? It says that you put yourself above your doctor. You distrust his skill and competence and good will. John Piper, The Pleasure of God , Covenant renewal for ancient Israel was repairing or restoring a relationship with God broken because of their willful violation of the stipulations regulating the relationship. Repentance or humbling oneself is the first step in renewing a covenant relationship with God, as King David well knew cf.

What troubles me is the parts of the Bible that I understand only too well. The LAW only tells us what not to do. The LAW in no way equips us to follow it. Satan would have us define ourselves as holy by the Law, when God gave us the law to define us as sinners. The law was given to drive us to Christ. But if we do not know His Law, the Law cannot do its job to bring us to repentance and thus drive us to Christ. We need to guard our hearts against such an attitude, and pray to be kept from it.

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Packer; Knowing God , Man does not establish authority; he acknowledges it. This is the proper procedure, though seldom observed. Man wants to acknowledge only that authority which he himself establishes or at the least gives consent to. All other authority is offensive to his sense of autonomy and ultimacy. As a result, the claims of Scripture are particularly offensive to the natural man, because so much is involved in the admission of their truth.

To recognize the claims of Scripture is to accept creaturehood and the fact of the fall. The fall necessitates an infallible Saviour and an infallible Scripture as Van Til has shown. This means that God is self-contained and ultimate, controlling all reality, with all reality revelational of Him, knowing all things exhaustively because He controls completely. To accept fully the concept of the infallible Word is to claim all facts for God and to insist that reality can only be interpreted in terms of Him and His Word. But it is this sin of man which makes Scripture necessary.

Scripture speaks to man with authority, and with sufficiency, that is, as a completed Word.

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It speaks with perspicuity, clearly and simply telling man who he is, what the nature of his sin is, what his remedy is and where it is to be found. The attributes of Scripture are thus necessity, authority, perspicuity and sufficiency. The law by itself kills off any hope of rightness and righteousness through human ability and effort, but it kindles hope in God ever brighter as we walk in the law through Christ in us the hope of glory Colossians 1: Dallas Willard; Renovation of the Heart , To pursue the Bible, as it reveals God-in-human-flesh, is to find not just Christ but the world that Christ created, the humanity that he joined, and the beauty that he embodied in himself.

You were not created to be a law follower. You were created to love and the Law is simply a guide, a rule to assist you to know how to love and how to define love. Thus, as the law taught us what God is like, it also taught us what sin is. The tyranny of the law was that it offered no option but to try to be like God through our own efforts. The law which itself reveals the pattern of good works should drive us to Christ. Christ is the point of the law; Christ is the goal of the law; Christ is the meaning of the law. So if you try to follow and obey the law, but avoid Christ, you have missed the whole point of the law.

Sproul, The Gospel of God: Jews were to see their inability to keep the Law and, because of this, look to the Messiah all the more. God designed the Law this way. You quickly become self-righteous and prideful. Thus, though you may be able to keep many outward tenets of the Law as the Pharisees did , your motivation for doing so would have shifted from love of God to love of self. All the outward piety in the world cannot cover a sick and twisted heart.

He was a persecutor of true worshipers, as is everyone who tries to live by the Law. Just as Cain could not tolerate Abel, those who seek to stand by their own righteousness find the presence of those who stand by faith in Jesus intolerable. The righteousness of God, based completely on the atonement of the cross, strips away facades and lays bare the pride of man. Paul testified to the Philippians that to know Christ he had to give up everything that he was. When he perceived the righteousness of Jesus, he counted everything that he had so valued in life as rubbish Phil 3: As such, Josiah served as another model of fidelity.

Bible study by itself will not produce spirituality. Alister Begg; Pathway to Freedom. The Law is a guide. Your salvation is in Christ. Therefore there is no room for pride, self-confidence or self-righteousness. All have failed miserably under the Law. Jesus did not come to John to confess and repent of his own sins, of which he had none. He came to make himself one with those who did submit to the rite in order to fulfill all that the Law required. Kent Hughes, Preaching the Word: The law cannot condemn a believer, for Christ hath fulfilled it for him; divine justice cannot condemn him, for that Christ hath satisfied; his sins cannot condemn him, for they in the blood of Christ are pardoned; and his own conscience, upon righteous grounds, cannot condemn him, because Christ, that is greater than his conscience, hath acquitted him.

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I am a firm believer in the Divine teaching, perfect example, and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I believe also in the Holy Scripture as the revealed Word of God to the world for its enlightenment and salvation. The Bible recognizes no faith that does not lead to obedience, nor does it recognize any obedience that does not spring from faith. The two are opposite sides of the same coin. Constantly, Jesus refers to his actions as being what His father told him to do or Jesus does what he does so that the Scriptures might be fulfilled.

How can you say you follow Christ and contradict the very principle upon which his life was based. To fulfill the Scriptures. Otherwise, to call yourself a Christian and to live contrary to what we have just said, is to make a mockery of Jesus. Know the consequences of disobedience.

You will soon discover that we tick God off a whole lot more than we will ever realize and yet He continues to love us and be patient with us anyway. His love endures forever. And His ways are better as well as higher than our ways.

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The absence of authority in much contemporary preaching is directly attributable to the absence of confidence in the authority of the Bible. Once biblical authority is undermined and eroded, preaching becomes a pretense. The dust of death covers thousands of pulpits across the land.