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Follow this link to get on the Add1Challenge waiting list.

RussianPod is my favourite Russian course, especially for developing my listening skills. With RussianPod , you start by selecting your level, and the audio course adjusts to you, getting gradually more complex as you progress. It goes right from absolute beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.

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You can sign up for a RussianPod account here. We all learn our first language through sound, so why not learn Russian through sound too? The Add1Challenge is a big hit with Russian learners.

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Forvo lets you find out how any Russian word is pronounced. The best way to learn a language is to speak from day one.

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Glossika uses audio repetition training with Artificial Intelligence AI to make sure you're learning Russian at the pace that feels right for you. Listening to the Russian speech and following the transcription at the same time is a very good practice.

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It helps you to get used to the pronunciation and learn new Russian words and useful expressions. A good source of such practice are Russian podcasts with transcriptions. To be able to speak Russian or any other language fluently, you need to teach your brain to constuct the sentences differently, and eventually to be able to think in Russian. The best we can recommend here is to find a Russian friend that is interested in learning your native language.

Russian alphabet

For example, find a Russian pen pal. Another good activity is dictations in Russian: Engage in the conversations with native Russian speakers everywhere you can find them.

For that check out Facebook Russian learning groups and online communities where people exhange languages. When you already know the basics, jumping to the next step of understanding conversational Russian language might take a lot of time.

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The spoken Russian language, as any other, is in many ways different than the one you learn from the textbooks. One of the best ways to learn the conversational Russian language and have fun on the way is to study the Russian humor. This is, of course, not the complete list of all the activities you can engage into to teach yourself Russian. The most important is to practice regularly and keep your motivation high.

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