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The reeds parted, and out stepped a small yellow duck. The duck waddled to the middle of the "stage", and stood there, facing its audience. Then, as if it was following some unknown cue, it struck a pose. A ballet pose, its wings held above its head, and its webbed feet turned inward, one in front of the other. Then the duck began to dance. It wasn't the most elegant of ballet dances. In fact, it was rather sloppy. Its leaps were not very high, its spines were wobbly, and every once in a while it would stumble.

But the mere fact that there was a duck dancing, ballet of all things, was enough to wow the gathered crowed. As messy as the dancing was, there was something mesmerizing, something joyful in this duck's movements. It was as if this bird wanted to dance so much that one day it just got up and started to dance. After a moment she heard a sound, a short grunt. Turning her head to find the source of the sound, she saw someone leaning on a nearby tree, arms folded, a serious look on his young face. He wore the familiar blue blazer and white slacks of the Academy boy's uniform. His long dark hair was tided in a ponytail and his green, piercing eyes were focused on the pond, his mouth in a stern frown.

It was Senior Fakir, one of the top dancers in the ballet division, and the apple of the eyes of almost every female student at the school. It did help that he was, perhaps, the best dancer in school ever since that one guy left… what was his name…. Of course, Fakir ignored every girl that declared their love for him, and he refused to take a ballet partner.

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On top of that, he was always cold and distant, and he never seemed attracted to anyone, not even the boys. Some were questioning if he could even feel love. Suddenly, Fakir's green eyes snapped to her, the hard look of disapproval within them. She briefly wondered if a duck could love. Of course not, she told herself.

That was just silly. Oswald hopped from roof to roof, stopping every now and then to get the lay of land. He had been exploring the small town all morning, looking for some evidence that he was still in Wasteland. For one thing, he could find no large, talking animals such as himself, only people. All animals he came across were of the small, unintelligent variety.

He even tried to hold a conversation with a cat. It just looked at him with a blank stare. And then it bit his finger. This meant that he was back in the real world, among real people. He should be happy, shouldn't he? After all, isn't this what he wanted for the longest time, to be back in the real world and to be loved by millions of adoring fans? Except, there were no adoring fans. The fact that he still had no heart told him that much. Also, this place he found him self in seemed very old fashioned. Most of the people he saw were dressed like they were in the middle ages.

Only the younger ones wore anything that looked at all modern. He wasn't sure if these people even knew what cartoons were, much less watched them. Best to stay hidden, he concluded. Oh, poor, poor thing! It probably just saw the ballet classes through the lessons room windows and started mimicking the moves. Maybe this wasn't the best subject to have changed to. Lowering her eyes to the ground, she began to think of something else to talk about. She turned around to see, indeed, Fakir was walking towards them, his eyes on his feet in deep thought.

She rolled down the street several feet until she finally came to a stop… right in front of Fakir. It was an accident, and…". Fakir, however, just pushed passed her, apparently deciding that whatever it was, it did not interest him. For a while now she had been the butt of that girl's pranks and she was getting sick of it. Nor did she see the small blunt object fall from said roof. Or that this object was heading right for her.

Oswald had been sprinting across a rooftop, still looking for anything that might give him an answer, when he felt something give way under his feet. He stumbled to a stop and looked down just in time to see that one of the shingles had come loose, and was sliding down the roof strait for a teenage girl on the street. He tried to shout a warning, but it was too late.

He heard a soft "thwack" as he saw her body fall. I'm not in town more then half a day, and I've already killed someone! Can you hear me? No, she was spinning; spinning faster and faster, blurred images swirling around her. After what felt like forever, no, more like several forevers, the spinning stopped.

She tried to clear her clouded head. What had she been doing? She was heading back to the Academy grounds with her friends. She was there, also talking up a storm. And then there was… someone. She couldn't remember her name, but she knew she was her friend. The nameless girl was also chattering happily, a smile on her freckled face and a glint in her big blue eyes. Her long orange hair, tied into one lone brad that hung down her back, reaching to her knees, swayed in the wind.

She found it odd that she could not understand a word of a conversation she herself was taking part in. In fact, this whole thing seemed rather strange, through her dazed mind couldn't figure out why. They looked like they were having fun, three girls on their way to school. Then, the orange haired girl just vanished, quickly and silently.

How could she not notice? Did she not see it? Who was that girl anyway? Why did she disappear?

The Princess That Wore a Rabbit-skin Dress

It was getting harder and harder to think, however, for the voices were now booming. Her head pounded, as her vision blurred, and she began to spin again. The spinning began to worsen, making her head hurt more. Why doesn't this just stop! Then her vision began to clear and, as it did, she saw a strange, round headed rabbit staring down at her, its face steep in worry. Then she herd a voice pierce the loud din of the "nothing" voices. Now, satisfied that she was alright, Oswald could duck out of site before anyone…. Oswald lifted his head to see another girl running down the street toward him.

He was sure to be spotted if he made a break for it. What was he going to do? You're rejection was so bad, you fainted from shock! Oh, you poor, poor thing! I'll be here to comfort you! She felt a dull pain coming from a spot on her forehead, and when she touched said spot with her finger, the pain increased.

Was she just attacked? Poke, push, and sabotage, maybe. Looking down, she saw a black… something lying on the cobblestone street next to her. Picking it up, she held what looked like some sort of stuffed animal. A stuffed rabbit, in fact, with a round head and body, white face, little black dots for eyes, and a par of blue shorts. It also had a big smile plastered on said face, but to her, it seemed forced, like the thing was trying too hard to keep it up.

It must have been left here by the mysterious attacker who assaulted you. Why is mostly black? Aren't stuffed animals supposed to be colorful? It makes it look boring. I think it would look better in navy blue, myself. No, it must have been her imagination. The school dormitories where only a short walk away from the Academy, and students were already coming and going through the narrow streets, getting ready for the afternoon classes.

As the two girls entered through the large iron gates, Oswald, from the rather uncomfortable position from under the purple haired girl's arm, took in the well kept courtyard. Well trimmed hedges and grassy lawns flanked ether side of the stone walkway leading up to a fountain on top of which stood an abstract sculpture of two ballet dancers in embrace; a man and a woman.

There where two large buildings, one on ether side of the courtyard, both about three or four stories tall and rather elegant. The girls strolled up to the fountain and turned left, into the building in said direction. Inside, they walked down a long hall, doors on ether side. Little light came through the window at the end of the hallway, that combined with the drab gray color of the walls gave the place a gloomy feel. Soon they came to a stairwell and the girls began to clime. The purple haired one had apparently forgotten her animosity toward her blond friend, and the two of them were engaged in conversion.

Oswald however was over come with fear. When he had decided to act like some sort of stuffed doll, he had hoped that they would ignore him, but they were not ignoring him. No, this was the exact opposite of ignoring him. Oh, what was he worrying about? All they were doing was dropping him off in purple hair's room, where escape would be easy.

Unless, of course, they lock the door. Or they lock him in a trunk. Or tie him to a ten-ton weight. Or soak him in lemon juice, beat him with a burlap sack filled with cream cheese, and feed him to a hungry kangaroo… okay, now he was just being silly. He forced himself to calm down. After all, he had been in worse scraps then this. Being held captive by two school girls was nothing compared to the Shadow Blot. He could handle what ever came his way. It was modest but cozy, despite the walls being the same color gray as the halls.

It had all the necessities, a desk in one corner by the door, a bed, its headboard against the left wall, a large ballet poster over the bed and a window on the far wall, which overlooked the courtyard below. This caused the doll to make a nose something akin to a gasp. Hmm… the squeaker must have been broken. I want to hug him and comfort him. Every one knows that!

The Princess And The Rabbit: Jewels Rogers: Books

Finally, she dropped the doll onto the bed. The doll continued this trend of undoll-like behavior by leaping to its feet and turning on the girls, shaking its fist at them. I've had just about as mush as I can…" It trailed off as realized just what it had done. An awkward silence followed, the three parties standing unmoving, with a dumfounded look on each of their faces.

Well, two of their faces. The rabbit, apparently too surprised to move, was hit squarely on the head, causing it to topple back, off the bed. What a rotten creature you are to take advantage of poor, defenseless little girls! The rabbit stammered its words quickly, trying to talk before each concussion. The rabbit took his chance, sprang up, and rushed over to the window. In one swift motion, the window was open and the strange rabbit was gone.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is flung to a strange town where he has found an unusual mystery: What dark secrets can he uncover or is he meddling in things he shouldn't? The Princess and the Rabbit Disclaimer: The last husband wanted to marry her daughter. The daughter's mare told her to ask her stepfather for a dress of silver; with some help from fairies , it took a year and six months. Then she asked for a dress of gold, which took two years and six months, and a dress of diamonds and pearls, which took three years and six months.

The mare gave her a dress of rabbit skin, and the princess rode off on her. Some hunters, including a prince, found her and took her to the castle, where they gave her a job in the kitchen. They were rude, saying she needed only the ears to be a rabbit. One day, the mare told her that the prince was going to a party; the mare carried her there and gave her a nut that held the silver dress.

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The next day, she went in the gold dress; the third, in the dress of diamonds and pearls, and the prince gave her a golden ring. She wore the ring after she took off the dress, and the prince recognized and married her. This is an unusual variant of type B, where the man who wishes to marry her is commonly her actual father.

In other variants, such as " Catskin " and " Mossycoat ", her father usually threatens to marry the heroine to an unwanted suitor who is not a relative.