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Repeat Offender Dogs stood in cages filled with standing water and feces. Kevin Wittmer, Loogootee, IN. Three dogs had protruding hip bones and ribs showing; others had injuries to the face and leg. Repeat Offender Six noncompliant inspections in ; repeated problems with injured dogs. C-sections performed on dogs in dirty shed on property; received official warning from USDA.

Repeat Offender Repeatedly failed to protect dogs from the bitter cold when temperatures had been as low as -2 degrees. Repeat Offender Repeatedly found with matted and injured dogs, excessive feces and filth. Lucille Godfrey, Bussey, IA. Repeat Offender Dogs found in feces-encrusted, dilapidated cages in basement.

Repeat Offender USDA filed official complaint after licensee admitted intention to shoot dogs and interfered with inspector. Repeat Offenders Received official warning from USDA for repeat, direct violations for dogs in need of veterinary care. Lora Lampe, Salmen, IA. Dog with growth the size of a ping-pong ball; rusted and broken wire flooring; large areas of standing water mixed with feces.

Nursing mother dog was found emaciated and lethargic; received official warning from the USDA, yet violations continued. John Nisley, Edgewood, IA. Received official warning from the USDA for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care; did not get sick dog treated even after repeatedly instructed to do so. Henry Sommers, Cincinnati, IA. Cathy Speer, Milton, IA.

More than 150 dogs seized from alleged puppy mill in Stokes County

Randy Stoen, Dows, IA. Received official warning from USDA for dogs found in need of vet care and repeated failure to let inspectors in the kennel.

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Repeat Offender Repeatedly found with injured dogs even after fine and warnings. Izene Hynes, Hays, KS. Emaciated mother dog found with only 5 surviving puppies out of eleven; received official warning from USDA for failure to protect dogs. Repeat Offender Underweight dogs had ribs and backbones visible; injured or skinny dogs found 4 years in a row.

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  • Underweight dog had ribs, backbone and hips protruding; failed five times to let inspectors in kennel. Repeat Offender Injured animals found 5 years in a row. Repeat Offender Fined, forced to downsize and signed over some dogs to the state after repeated noncompliance with Kansas Pet Animal Act, yet still re-licensed by the state in Moses Schrock, Thayer, KS. Failed to get electricity to adequately cool or heat dog housing even after year after year of warnings; supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation. Failed at least 3 state inspections; matted dogs found in 90 degree heat; supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation.

    Repeat Offender State inspector openly stated that dogs were at risk; owner was forced to relinquish many dogs to the state due to poor conditions, yet still in business with remaining dogs. Repeat Offender Dogs with obvious, painful injuries, including dog with missing ear and dog with injured jaw, had not been treated by a vet. Repeat Offender Puppy died of parvovirus; repeated sanitation and housing issues.

    Received official warning from USDA for failure to provide adequate veterinary care to 10 dogs.

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    We need to change that and make it stricter, where they're getting inspected and they're required to have medical attention for their animals," Williams said. More than dogs are being taken from an alleged puppy mill after it was raided Tuesday in Stokes County. Mabe could be charged, but authorities have not commented on what or how many charges she could face.

    Media was not allowed on the private property, although aerial photos revealed several small, farm-like structures. Authorities said the structures housed more than dogs that were seized during the raid, which began around 2 p. Animals on the property were reportedly living in deplorable conditions -- the majority of them suffering from some type of ear, nose or dental infection, officials with the U.

    George and Kelley agree that some breeds are better than others to learn assistance training. Top Dog suggests mixed breeds — those with an edge are breeds from the sporting or working groups. Dogs from these groups are bred to do a job and receive pleasure from the task.

    Scent hounds [beagles or bassets] keep their nose on the ground all the time and may not be as alert to visual surroundings. While task training, George says to think carefully about what word you want to use. When teaching the dog to retrieve the phone on command, George would put another object nearby. If Liberty retrieved the wrong item, George knew the dog needed more training.

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    • Because she has arthritis in her hands, George uses a Gentle Leader to teach heeling and other obedience commands. The Gentle Leader prevents dogs from pulling and takes only a gentle pull from the partner and a voice or food reward to train. All service dogs are allowed in public but, she says with the exception of police dogs, are to be on leash at all times.

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      Allowing strangers to pet an assistance dog is up to the partner. Once people start talking about your dog, they forget you have a disability. Recognizing Friend or Foe Not all assistance dogs come in big packages, nor do they all pick up fallen objects or open doors. Rock got Bob when the dog was 1.

      When they acknowledge him, he lies down. Experts agree that some of the therapeutic or safety aspects of animals are instinctual. Then Bastien shut up. Those in the service dog industry stress the importance of making sure your assistance dog is well-behaved in public. For Mitchell, Rock, and others, it has helped them feel safe as they go about their lives. Top Dog of Tucson, Ariz. An online course is also available.

      The intermediate class continues to practice on basic obedience, but with added distractions such as kids, skateboards, other dogs or anything else they may encounter in public. Also, certain undesirable behaviors are eliminated and service task training is started.

      After the intermediate class, the team takes the Assistance Dogs International public access test. One way a dog can get dismissed from the Top Dog program is by exhibiting any type of bad behavior, including overt shyness or aggression — meaning growling and barking out of control and unprovoked aggression.

      Most recently, the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, with 2, members worldwide, has taken the U. Department of Transportation to task, urging it to modify language covering transport of service animals by air. Now the floor space issue is causing airlines to consider charging service dogs for an extra seat.

      Other concerns are with emotional support dogs. ES dogs provide comfort or emotional support to a person who has a psychiatric disability. Eames says a lot of people with ES animals are claiming they have the same legal rights as a person with a service animal. The problem with ES dogs or therapeutic dogs is they have not been trained to mitigate a disability and are not necessarily trained to behave in public. The ADA defines a service animal as any dog or other animal that is trained to provide assistance to individuals with a disability. Types of service dogs include assistance, guide and hearing.

      ES dogs may also show aggressive or threatening behavior.