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A female character teases the main character by opening her legs in his general direction, though nothing's shown to the camera. A shot of a large orgy of gay men is shown. There are several references to masturbation, and in one very brief shot so quick viewers might miss it a masturbating man's erect penis is exposed. Language is very strong and constant, mostly involving "f--k" and all permutations, but also "s--t," "c--t," "c--k," and just about every other obscene word imaginable. A white Lamborghini plays a part in the movie.

The Steve Madden shoe company figures in the plot. Absolut vodka, Mercedes-Benz, and Armani suits are mentioned. The main character's a drug addict. He's seen drinking alcohol to excess, snorting cocaine, and taking all kinds of pills, but extra time's spent on his favorite: The movie describes the effect of taking Quaaludes, and one sequence is dedicated to a memorable night in which he takes an extra-strong dose. The character's closest friend is also a heavy drug user.

Cigarette smoking is shown, as well. At the end of the movie, it's suggested that he's cleaned up and become sober. What parents need to know Parents need to know that The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of a financial broker who bent the rules, became enormously wealthy, and was not caught for years. He lives a life of debauchery and excess, cheating on his wife, remarrying, and cheating on his new wife with an endless array of prostitutes. Many characters are shown having graphic sex of all types. The main character uses every kind of drug under the sun, but especially prefers Quaaludes; the movie spends extra time on the effects of this drug.

A secondary character is also a heavy drug user. Language is very strong and constant, with "f--k" uttered nearly constantly, as well as almost every other vulgar word in the book.

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As for violence, there's mostly enraged shouting, but there's a bloody face-bashing scene, some domestic violence where a wife gets punched a couple of times, and a quick shot of a very tangential bloody suicide. The legendary Martin Scorsese 's the director, and most movie buffs will want to see this, but as with GoodFellas and Casino , this one's not recommended for kids of any age. Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by 1Grammy1 December 31, I hated this movie I am 67 and ashamed that I saw this movie. A piece of filth that should have been X-rated. Words fail me as to h Porn Flick This movie was nothing sort of a porn flick.

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Disgusting relentless vulgar language. Non stop graphic sexual behavior. Film should be r Teen, 15 years old Written by whatnoonesays December 30, The Wolf of Wall Street: The film is nothing but a nonstop orgy of sex and drugs. It is not only t Teen, 14 years old Written by Jeffrey December 30, This is the best film of I loved this film it was awesome Leonardo dicaprio gave the best performance ever this guy should win a Oscar for this performance the story was good and the th After that he's forced to take a job dealing in "penny stocks," trading semi-worthless stocks, but for 50 percent commissions.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Despite his breach, Jordan receives a reduced sentence for his testimony and serves three years in a minimum security prison. After his release, Jordan makes a living hosting seminars on sales technique. He describes having "wasted five months of [his] life" without getting a green light on production dates by the Warner Bros.

In , Warner Bros. In , a green light was given by the independent company Red Granite Pictures allowing no restrictions to the content development. Scorsese knew that there were no limits to the content that he would produce and therefore came back on board, resulting in an R rating. A civil lawsuit initiated by the U. Department of Justice has sought to claim "any rights to profits, royalties and distribution proceeds" from The Wolf of Wall Street.

In the film, most of the real-life characters' names have been changed from Belfort's original memoir. Donnie Azoff is based on Danny Porush. The name was changed after Porush threatened to sue the filmmakers. Porush maintains that much of the film was fictional and that Donnie Azoff was not in fact an accurate depiction of him. In contrast, Mark Hanna's name remains the same as the LF Rothschild stockbroker who, like Belfort, was convicted of fraud and served time in prison.

Hill didn't care about his settlement though, and wanted to play Donnie Azoff so badly that he was willing to do whatever it took to get the part as it was his dream to be in a Scorsese film. Filming began on August 8, , in New York. In January , additional scenes were shot at a set built in an abandoned office building in Ardsley, New York. Scenes at the beach house were filmed in Sands Point, New York. Scorsese's longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker stated that the film would be shot digitally instead of on film. I think Marty just feels it's unfortunately over, and there's been no bigger champion of film than him.

The Wolf of Wall Street uses animals including a chimpanzee, a lion, a snake, a fish, and dogs. The four-year-old chimpanzee Chance spent time with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and learned to roller skate over the course of three weeks.

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The sanctuary also provided a lion named Handsome because the film's trading company used a lion for its symbol. In December , before the film's premiere, the organization Friends of Animals criticized the use of the chimpanzee and organized a boycott of the film. Variety reported, "Friends of Animals thinks the chimp It was previously slated to be released on November 15, , but the date was pushed back after film cuts were made to reduce the run time. The film is banned in Malaysia , Nepal , Zimbabwe , and Kenya because of its scenes depicting sex, drugs and excessive use of swear words, and additional scenes have been cut in the versions playing in India.

In Singapore , after cuts were made to an orgy and threesome scene as well as some religiously profane or denigrating language, the film was passed R The film marks a change in film history when Paramount became the first major studio to distribute movies to theaters in digital format, eliminating 35mm film entirely. The Legend Continues was the last Paramount production to include a 35mm film version, while The Wolf of Wall Street was the first major movie distributed entirely digitally.

The Desolation of Smaug , Frozen , Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues , and American Hustle. According to copyright infringement tracking site Excipio, the film was the most illegally downloaded film of , as it was shared over 30 million times via torrent sites. The Wolf of Wall Street received positive reviews, with critics praising DiCaprio and Hill's performances, Scorsese's direction, and Winter's screenplay.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Funny, self-referential, and irreverent to a fault, The Wolf of Wall Street finds Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio at their most infectiously dynamic. The movie was chosen as one of the top ten films of the year by the American Film Institute. Dana Stevens , a member of the New York Film Critics Circle , wrote that the movie did not work for her after labeling the film "Epic in size, claustrophobically narrow in scope. DiCaprio responded that in his opinion the film does not glorify the excessive lifestyle it depicts.

The Wolf of Wall Street was listed on many critics' top ten lists. The film received a "C" rating from audiences surveyed by CinemaScore , [85] a rating lower than anything else in theaters the opening week of the film. Christina McDowell, daughter of Tom Prousalis, who worked closely with the real-life Belfort at Stratton Oakmont, wrote an open letter addressing Scorsese, DiCaprio, and Belfort himself, criticizing the film for insufficiently portraying the victims of the financial crimes created by Stratton Oakmont, for disregarding the damage that was done to her family as a result, and for giving celebrity to persons Belfort and his partners, including her father who do not deserve it.

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Steven Perlberg of Business Insider saw an advance screening of the film at a Regal Cinemas near the Goldman Sachs building, with an audience of financial workers. Perlberg reported cheers from the audience at what he considered to be all the wrong moments—"When Belfort — a drug addict attempting to remain sober — rips up a couch cushion to get to his secret coke stash, there were cheers. The former Assistant United States Attorney who prosecuted the real Belfort criticized both the movie and the book on which it is based.

He said he believes some of Belfort's claims were "invented", as for instance "[Belfort] aggrandized his importance and reverence for him by others at his firm. Furthermore, he deplores the ending—"beyond an insult" to his victims—in which the real Belfort appears, while showing "a large sign advertising the name of Mr. Belfort's real motivational speaking company," and a positive depiction of Belfort uttering "variants of the same falsehoods he trained others to use against his victims. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards: The soundtrack to The Wolf of Wall Street features both original as well as existing music tracks, and was released on December 17, for digital download.

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More than sixty songs were used in the film, but only sixteen were included on the official soundtrack. Notably, among the exceptions are original compositions by Theodore Shapiro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.