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The night was dark; - the ship was tossing; - their hearts were gripped in fear. How could they have known it was Jesus? It was the incredulity of unbelief. No one can walk on water! Is that how we respond - when the Gospel speaks of a living Lord who can come to us even today?

Are we tempted to say: So this is a story about faith. The first clue is provided by Peter. With the reckless impulsiveness of his character, - he put his faith to the test. This was so characteristic of Peter. He was impulsive, - and reckless.

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But He was willing to test his faith. Mind you, he was the only one. None of the other disciples offered to follow. They probably thought Peter was crazy, - venturing out into that wild sea. But look again at the man climbing out of the boat to walk to Jesus. Peter may have been impulsive and reckless.

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And think of the four men who tore open the roof of the house where Jesus was preaching and lowered their paralytic friend done in front of Him. They were certainly impulsive. Albert Schweitzer was impulsive when he abandoned his prospects for a lucrative medical career — to bury himself in Central Africa. So here was Peter — with the storm blowing in his face, and the waves lashing against the little boat — saying: This is the kind of person Christ wants in His company; - people who are not afraid to step out in faith, - even when it seems irrational.

Christians who will impulsively respond to the urging of their faith. Peter looked out at the figure of Jesus walking on the water, and the daring thought occurred to him. We see Jesus as different; -- as someone who is superior to the rest of the human race.

And we use this as an excuse for not following His example. Jesus knew, that if Peter believed in Him, - he too could walk on the water. Because He knows — those who have strong faith — can accomplish the seeming impossible. But this same principle applies — to us as well. Christ sets a high standard for lives, - a standard which many may assume is impossible. But Christ knows that if we keep our eyes of Him, we will succeed. Christ challenges us to break away from the dull mediocrity of conventional religion. But then something happened. This failure; - this sinking into the water, reveals another of the secrets of faith.

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You see, as long as Peter kept his eyes firmly fixed on Jesus — he had no problem walking on the water. But the second he allowed the noise and confusion of the world around him — to distract him, -- he began to fail. Faith, if it is to be effective — must be focus upon Christ. This is an important lesson for us.

It means that we have to consciously take steps to focus our faith. We have to continually set our spiritual compass - through daily meditation and prayer. I wonder about a few TV Evangelists. Many ministers on television start huge projects without the leading of the Holy Spirit. They start a building for this and a building for that.

Because if they are begging for the money, and they are if they hound on it everyday on their programs, they must not have much faith in God meeting their need. A well-known lady minister who is an excellent teacher wrote a letter, which I received, asking her friends and partners to help her build a particular building. She said God wanted her to build it debt free. I was delighted she wanted to stay out of debt however as I read on I became very frustrated with her statement. She said, "you may charge your monthly pledge to your credit card. I saw right then and there that something was terribly wrong.

God wanted me to go in debt to keep her out of debt? I heard someone say, what God orders He pays for. When God orders a new building to be built He will pay for it. Remember, though a person is of God, they can still miss the leading of the Holy Ghost. So just stay alert.

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Something to think about. Too frequently the same ministers that try to teach us faith are the same ones we see begging us for money. Now I am not saying its wrong to let your needs be made known but if asking turns to begging faith isn't working. Take the medication they have prescribed for you until the manifestation of your healing has occurred.

You may republish this article as long as all copyright information is included with the article. Copyright by Darlene Osborne Revised January Are You Growing Weary in Battle? Or, Faint in the Race? Is God Really a Good God? Sometimes They Go Too Far!

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We Are More Than Conquerors: Let's Act Like It! Do You Need Deliverance? How to Slay a Giant: Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Speaking of water… When Peter was walking on the water, he got out of the boat and started on his way but when he saw the wind boisterous he panicked and started to sink, however Jesus reached out and saved him.