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Most people think currency is money. If someone gives you cash, presumably it is thought of as money.

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Cash is simply a currency, a medium of exchange that is used to purchase something that has value, namely an asset or service. The word currency is derived from the word current — electricity — a current must move or else it will die. A currency does not store value in itself. Rather, it is a medium to transfer value from one asset to another.

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Money has, unlike currency, value within itself. The basic definition of money is; income-energy received for energy given. The following statement illustrates this definition. The rectangle of paper representing a one-hundred-euro bill is not worth one hundred euros!

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The piece of paper represents the value of one hundred euros that is stored somewhere else, waiting to be purchased; the fact that a rectangle of paper, or currency, represents value in and of itself, was true only in the past, when the world was on a gold standard. So, money is not what people think it is. The abstract viewpoint is; Currency is a metaphysical technology that facilitates the development of trust, which in essence is what money is.

In other words; Wealth, in all its forms, is something of value created by people in unison with nature. Currency, in this sense, is a social lubricant that enables two or more people to work together on some project, objective, or agenda. The objective might not be intrinsically valuable to the people involved — they might not be willing to cooperate merely to accomplish the purpose alone — but the motivation arises by offering them money, which gives them a valuable stake in the business. Generally speaking, people tend to participate in things they find valuable, which is money, as an effective motivator.

But what makes a society benevolent is that the people within it have a genuine interest in placing their trust solely in honourable projects. On the flipside of the coin, when morality, ethics, and justice are lost, people can be bribed into malevolence through the promise of money. And this is essentially where the world is today. The powers that be, the elite, use us like cogs in a wheel to keep the systems of control alive, which we willingly participate in, mainly through the use of their created money. Personal wealth is by nature valuable for an individual and potentially for others.

For example, a musician plays a piece of music that is inherently valuable to the musician but also valuable to others who listen to it, because in some way it is beautiful, inspiring, or expressive. In nature, wealth needs to be tamed or refined, often through the collective works of individuals. When a group of people mutually agree that they value something, like farming food for their community, they can work together to bring that value into existence.

The formal process for creating a mutually agreed model of value is called trust. Money is a symbol of trust ; people in a nation trust in the money the nation employs, enabling them to exchange these symbols amongst themselves. Because money is a symbol of value that can be traded for other things, people can be encouraged into group projects by offering them money. Value is measured by what people really want and freely choose, it will not make the world poorer. It is money people could trust.

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Not a promise by someone, as it is today. It was something people could count on. It made it easy to settle a transaction right on the spot. No need to remember who owed what to whom. No need to speak the same language or worship the same religion. Gold, as opposed to paper currency, is a proven form of sound money. People have bought and sold goods and services with it for thousands of years.

It has survived every kind of financial crisis. And it has survived countless paper currencies. Currency, gold, silver, you name it. Money is only real wealth because you can use it to buy whatever you want. People with activity or drive define themselves and their identity.

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They shape the world they inhabit, rather than passively awaiting whatever circumstances may be delivered. In the real world, people with drive are driven. They move on when things no longer work for them in a particular situation. Opportunity is a form of wealth — and so is the ability to take opportunities that arise. Though there is a random element to opportunity — i. However, the ability to take the opportunity is not a matter of luck.

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The scammers seemingly can promise "anything. Many tack on logos of TV shows that they claim to have been featured on or claim to be recommended by a whole host of reputable companies or people. I've read about people let go right around the time that they were to be paid. Yes, there is a lot of advice on the internet as to what to look out for.

At the same time,I'd still be hard pressed to look at a site and be able to say, "Now this is a legitimate offer.

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Trying to find out if the business for Global Pro Systems is the real thing or another pyramid scam. Can anyone with knowledge of an organization calling itself "Excel Cash Flow" comment? Is there any place where all scam home business 'opportunities' are listed? Please help me before I fall into a deep hole. I signed up online to make money from home, the advertising stated that a payment of Paid a total of There was a 60 day refund guarantee. On August 25th I called into the customer service center and requested a refund, I was told it would be refunded to my credit card in 5 to 7 days.

On September 15th I called in again and was told that the Sept 1 check was stopped and that a check was processed on September 11th, I should receive in 7 to 10 days. On September 21 I called in, was told that the check was not mailed out spoke with a supervisor Jonnie employee number and she said the check was not mailed that they are refunding the money to my credit card with in 24 hours. Today I called in to again inquire and was hung up on, when I tried to call back I got music then silence and was hung up on three times, when I called back with my called id blocked it went right through.

I filed a complaint about the business with the FTC this morning. The gentleman I spoke with today would not let me talk to a Supervisor or Manager, he indicated to me that the check was processed on Sept 11, and I just need to wait. This is the 4th story I was told. I asked why was I told it would be processed on my credit card, all he said was he was sorry and I should receive the check from the 11th, that it takes 7 to 10 days.

I informed him that I was told the check did not go out, and it is over 7 to 10 days. He said to me a Manager would call me back today and then basically hung up on me. Does anyone know if a company called "share the wealth" is a scam? Its free and they place an advertisement on your facebook It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

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