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Other helpful SchoolDigger resources Sign up for updates! Comparing different systems in clinical use shows variation in which parameters are scored and how those scores are assigned to differing levels of deterioration.

A range of Early Warning Scores have been developed in response to the needs of specific patient types e. A second version of the score was introduced in The revised version was optimised for the identification of sepsis , alternative oxygen targets in people with underlying lung disease, and the onset of delirium. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Quarterly Journal of Medicine. Critical care London, England. Royal College of Physicians. People with long-term conditions manage their health on a daily basis, but may need additional help to develop their confidence in fulfilling their role as a self-manager.

A growing body of evidence emphasises the importance of effective self-management of long-term conditions LTCs. People who recognise that they have a key role in self-managing their condition and have the skills and confidence to do so experience better health outcomes.

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Yet the ability of people to successfully self-care and stay well at home can vary considerably from person to person. People with LTCs and their carers need to be better supported to manage their own condition s. In addition, NHS England has a mandate commitment to ensure that people are empowered to shape and manage their own health and make meaningful choices about their care. To meet this commitment, NHS England is scaling up support for people living with LTCs to manage their own health and wellbeing, empower them to make decisions about their health and care, whilst delivering financial benefit to the wider healthcare system.

Evidence shows that this can lead to better outcomes, a better experience of care, healthier behaviours, and fewer episodes of emergency care that leads to lower costs for the NHS. A study found that less activated patients had 8 percent higher costs in the base year and 21 percent higher costs in the following year than more activated patients. Evidence has also shown that when patients are fully informed about their options and outcomes, they choose fewer treatments, reducing the gap between what they want and what doctors think they want.


This has the potential to reduce the pressure on NHS services, improve quality and ensure that resources are focussed on those patients with the most complex health needs. People rightly reject being labelled as patients. The idea of activation can imply an underlying passivity. The concept of patient activation has gained credence among clinicians, academics and think-tanks , so at this point in our journey, it is a useful phrase to use. However, at NHS England, we recognise that the term may be problematic and is not universally liked.

We would like to emphasise that understanding activation is about focusing on the knowledge, skills and confidence that individuals have to manage their health. Evidence shows that people at higher levels of activation tend to experience better health, have better health outcomes and fewer episodes of emergency care, and engage in healthier behaviours such as those correlated to smoking and obesity.

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On the other hand, patients with lower activation have low confidence in their ability to have an impact on their health and often feel overwhelmed with the task of managing their health and wellbeing. It is estimated that between 25 and 40 percent of the population have low levels of activation levels 1 and 2. These people are unlikely to respond to opportunities to improve their health through self-management.

They do not understand their role in care process and have limited problem solving skills. Often they have experienced failure in trying to manage and have consequently become passive with regard to their health and wellbeing. As a result, they engage less with preventative healthcare and are involved in more costly emergency care episodes.

All of these help to empower people to take greater control of their health, leading to better outcomes and improved experience of the health service.


Evidence has also shown that when patients are fully informed about their options and outcomes, the gap between what they want and what doctors think they want is reduced, decreasing the risks of silent misdiagnosis. It can help to shape the agenda for the consultation, including exploring patient expectations and motivations and options for supporting the patient to increase their levels of knowledge, skills and confidence.

All of these support clinicians to develop a more person-centred approach in their interactions with patients.

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