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But that resulted in a more restrictive intake design, and a slight drop in power in turn. But horsepower is still plenty, as I soon discovered. Setting out for the Club Motorsports race track in Tamworth, New Hampshire — a mile drive from Brick South — gave me some time to see how well behaved an horsepower muscle car can be out on public roadways.

Unholy Horsepower: Driving the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

An instinctive stab of the throttle before I even put the car into gear, and the child-like giggles it elicited, set the tone for the day. While the rest of the V8 Challenger lineup is available with an optional six-speed manual transmission including the standard Hellcat , the Redeye is an automatic-only affair. As the owner of a six-speed Challenger Hellcat myself, I found that to be a bit of a bummer, but not wholly surprising.

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Even with the automatic managing the proceedings and Widebody grip on hand, generating tire-incinerating wheelspin only requires a deliberate stomp on the skinny pedal at any speed under 70 mph. With a host of adjustable settings for steering weight, transmission behavior, suspension stiffness, and other driving attributes, the Redeye can be a fantastic grand tourer or an urgent, flat-cornering performance machine literally at the push of a button. The latter half of that split personality was showcased once I arrived at Club Motorsports.

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Carved into the side of a mountain, this visually stunning road course looks like the sort of racetrack a Bond villain would own. Compared to pony cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro , the sedan-based platform that underpins the Challenger is physically huge, and its center of gravity is relatively high.

Sellers be crazy—or are they just ahead of the market?

But SRT continues to prove that good engineering can go a long way, even on an hp muscle car that weighs well over two tons. Despite the copious girth and horsepower, I never felt any obvious intervention from the traction and stability control systems,which the right-seat instructors kept on while we lapped the cars under their supervision, even as I started to really throw the Redeye around in search of its dynamic limits. If you ditch the wide Pirelli PZeros for some R-compound rubber, you might just break a few well-heeled hearts.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and Durango SRT First Drive

Speaking of deep pockets, would-be Redeye owners better have them. There is indeed more power and more grip, and in the case of those test cars, more content and customization as well. War is expensive — horsepower-related or otherwise.

We Finally Drive the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon! POV 1/4 Mile

A video recently uploaded to YouTube shows the machine's complex building process, while another video posted to Instagram shows NHRA superstar Leah Pritchett giving the modified Demon the beans at a drag strip. Needless to say, both are highly entertaining to watch. By Jerry Perez October 22, The company has partnered with five different tuner shops to create these modified rides. The Demon's drag racing goodies are spreading to the rest of the Challenger lineup.